TK30 – Where Does It End?

Before this light, I didn’t know the existence of a laser flashlight. Well, I promptly researched this topic and bought the TK30. It arrived and was not disappointing with the normal Fenix packaging and amenities. Side note: Fenix is really good about sending you a product that you can use immediately and not have to order batteries and other junk.

This is the epitome of a long range tight beam light. Initial trials proved that to clearly see the function, I would either need binoculars or a rifle scope. I got to play with it a little before making a fire scene with a full blown structure fire. Towards the end of the suppression activities, we were in the overhaul phase looking for hidden fire or smoldering material that would cause the fire to flair up later. I pulled this gem out and started surveying the structure. Thanks to the intensity, I was able to find small amounts of smoke that showed we had some hidden smoldering that would cause a return trip to the scene. It also allowed me to pin point light on the exact area so suppression crews could do their thing.

During the event, I lost the light because I clipped it to a spot that I shouldn’t have on my gear. When I found it, it was covered in a layer of mud that I rinsed off for the most part and realized it fell from about 4 feet and landed bezel down on concrete. I was a little sick at my stomach seeing that and tentatively tried to turn it on. It didn’t miss a beat and is working perfectly still today.

Shifting gears, when I move into hunting season, I can’t wait to clip it to a 6.5 Creedmoor and do a little night varmint hunting! When I played with it at range, I realized it has the distance to light up a target at 300 yards perfectly! I can’t say enough about how amazing this thing is and the beam throw.

If you are looking for an extremely focused beam for pin point light throw or extreme distance lighting with minimal size and power, buy thing light! Now! As a first responder, I keep this in my Go Bag 24/7 and see it being a go to useful light for a long time!
Thank you again Fenix for creating an amazing tool for first responders and outdoorsman!

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