TK26R – Multitool

TK26R – Multitool

So, I got my hands on this light and had been eyeballing it for a little bit. Upon receipt and unboxing, it was typical Fenix packaging and accessories to put the light to use immediately after a full charge. (Fenix seems to always get their lights and batteries to the customer with enough charge to handle an immediate use, but like any other battery, it’s always recommended to put a full charge on it before use). My first impression of the light throw in the regular light color mode (it has 3 colors) was a great multi-use throw and the different brightness modes were really spot on. I was able to use this light to look at 30-40 feet away objects like fire sprinkler heads and determine if they were leaking yet on Fire Department calls (I have two jobs, my paid job and my passion job) it was extremely useful for nighttime scenes. The light fits well in the supplied belt holster and isn’t obtrusive. It made it easy to carry and the intensity and light pattern made it a great all around light as a first responder.

Now on to the colors. This light has a green and red color option. As a firefighter, I generally only use “white” light on calls, but it worked great for situations where I wanted to retain my night vision. Initially, I had a gripe about the pattern of the red and green beam. It is not that perfect beam you see with the normal “white light” Fenix lights, but this is due to the offset required to pack so much capability into one light. I’m a little bit OCD with things like this and I always nit pick new stuff. After the nit pick phase I just use it and see what happens. Well, in the just use it phase, I didn’t even notice the not exact nor performance reducing imperfection and enjoyed the two color options to the point that I now take back my nit pick. The red came in extremely handy during trainings. As an instructor; I want to see what is going on, but Firefighters train often in low to no light situations since that is the norm for real situations. The red light really allowed me to get a good look at what my students were doing without giving them an unfair and well lit advantage and losing my night vision. I did use the red on scenes several times to preserve my own night vision and it was really nice.
The green is something I have used hunting and tracking blood trails, so that’s where I come up with the title Multitool. This is the kind of light that you could buy and really just throw all the others in a drawer and have a go to all in one if your lifestyle and job calls for it. I have made a lot of Fenix purchases and keep finding that they put out a product that does its job and performs. This light has become my go to multi use light and I am extremely pleased with it and am really glad Fenix came up with it. If you are on the fence with this light, just pull the trigger and don’t look back!

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