TK25 IR – Hunting Review from Joe W.

I received my Tk25 IR several months ago and have been itching to use it for the real reason I wanted to get one. Having numerous Fenix flashlights I have been accustomed to the quality, fit, and finish on these lights and this model was put together with the quality that I expect to see.

As a flashlight, the Tk25 IR is a good 1000 lumen torch. It’s not as compact as several of the other lights they produce putting out the same lumens, (PD35 TAC) but where this light really shines is in the IR spectrum.

I am an avid varmint hunter and picked this light for that reason. I have an older Gen 1 night vision scope that has a very modest IR illuminator and this light ROCKED the stock illuminator which is 810mW. The low setting at 1000mW was ok when we went out on the first set of the night and I was impressed with the amount of illumination at the distance of first target (165 yards). But, at the next set I used the high setting and the difference was amazing. The illumination of 3000mW actually stopped a target in its tracks, (too late)… We used light at all the other sets of the night at the high setting and am happy to say that this light was the deciding factor of the success of the evening. Our second outing a few weeks later only concreted my opinion of this light as a serious competitor in the IR market.

If you are looking for a light to boost your success with a night vision scope, I would HIGHLY recommend that you give the TK25 IR an opportunity to be your scopes partner. You will be enlightened, (so to speak).

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