TK22 V2.0 my new favorite light

Fenix TK22 v2.0 Review

This is my new favorite flashlight, and I have A LOT of flashlights.

Form factor:

The big news here is the use of a 21700 Li-ion battery which not only provides greater runtime, but also increases the thickness of the light from your standard tactical body styles. That said, I prefer the new size, if just feels better in my hands, more secure.


I got the excellent Fenix ARB-L21-5000 battery for the light, my only regret is at the time the ARBL-21-5000U was not available, which for about $1 more adds the ability to recharge the battery directly off a USB Mini plug.  Runtime has been generally greater than advertised by 20 or so minutes on Turbo.


The light is extremely bright for the form factor. It’s kind of hard to explain, but in addition to being brighter and throwing farther than my other single cell lights (PD35 v2.00 and Tk15UE) the extra lumens (1600 vs. 1000 in the others) seems to illuminate the very air in front of you. You can clearly see the beam coming out of the light, even without much dust in the air. The hotspot is wider than some of the other lights I have in this size, but that actually makes it more useful around the house and camp, but it still has plenty of through to punch through the dark woods. Thermal management is quite good on the light with it becoming warm, but never hot to the touch, even on turbo.


This is my new go to, for just about everything. There are times when I still grab my PD35, like when wearing gym shorts, but for just about everything else I use this light. I like the performance, I like the battery life,I like how well it handles heat, and the extra grip from the larger battery tube.

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