The PD32 saved my fingers

So I’m sure you are wondering, “How does a flashlight save your fingers?” Well, here’s a little story…

I went out for a little trek. Just a couple of miles up to a lake and back. Made my way up to the lake, sat down and made a nice light lunch. Not wanting to pack away dirty dishes I broke up the ice at the edge of the lake so I could clean things up. Put my gloves in my lap while working in the water. And as you guessed it, I stood up and blunk go my gloves into the water. And of course they didn’t just rest on the water. They had to fall just right so that they would instantly fill with ice cold water. I dug around in my pack and found my “spare gloves”. Trying to save space all I had was some thin “fits everyone” gloves. Which were not nearly enough to keep my hands warm. I hiked back using my PD32 as a hand warmer, switching back and forth from pocket to pocket. And the heat from that light kept my hands nice and warm.

Now, I have carried that flashlight everywhere and have been more than impressed with it. But now I have one more reason to love this light!
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