The HL32R Rechargeable Headlamp from Fenix Lighting USA!


I have quite a few headlamps, and each one is different. Each one has a different use. The HL32R closes the gap!

A unique feature is the TIR optic, rather than reflector and lens. This optic creates a beam pattern second to none. Absolutely fantastic.

I can hike at just about every lumen setting, and the red light is the right power for night time tasks.

The light’s body is metal, very tough and weather proof. The band is spot on comfortable, and keeps the light planted nicely on your noggin.

With its built-in no muss, no fuss battery giving you fantastic runtimes, this is the right light for grab and go situations, or epic backcountry adventures.

It’s the HL32R from Fenix Lighting USA! See what matters!


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