The Fenix CL25R’s Big Brother: The CL30R

I have owned the little brother to this lantern, the CL25R, for a couple of years. I decided to grab the CL30R because I have always been impressed with the CL25R and had numerous uses for it.

Fenix CL30R Rechargeable Lantern Items inlcuded

Everything you need comes in the box. Most times that is something I value because it means that I don’t have to potentially forget a cord or a battery and place another order.

We cooked some s’mores last night and used the lantern the entire time. While we could have hung it up in a nearby tree I sat it closer to us on a large rock. The photo is a bit deceiving as it doesn’t really give a good representation of how much light this produces and how far it reaches. We did not use the USB to charge anyone’s phone last night but that can be a useful feature especially with teenagers.

The CL30R would be great for anything outdoors or even indoors in the case of a power outage. Get rid of your old fuel powered lanterns and buy one of these. You will not be disappointed.

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