The Biggest and Brightest Tactical Flashlights from Fenix Lighting US

Sometimes when it comes to tactical flashlights, you are simply looking for the biggest and brightest. For tasks like search-and-rescue, perimeter security, and work in remote locations, we have two tactical flashlight recommendations for you to consider: the Fenix TK75 and the Fenix LR40R. While there are several options for great tactical flashlights by Fenix, these two are the brightest tactical flashlights out there. When comparing these two, it’s best to start with the most obvious feature: their size. 


These are two heavy-duty flashlights, and they weigh in as such, with the Fenix LR40R packing a punch at 17.6 ounces and the TK75 graduating to the heavyweight class with its 22.2 ounces (without batteries). That weight difference is partially due to the fact that the TK75 is over an inch longer than the LR40R (7.4” and 6.1” respectively), but regardless of size, the two both have a strike bezel and IP68 rating.

If you turn off these two models and stare straight at the lights themselves, you may notice a slight difference. Let’s talk about what that means. 

fenix tk75 2018 flashlight shoulder strap


When we talk about the brightest tactical flashlights, we need to point out that, to you, “brightest” might mean that you can light up a designated work area, whereas someone else’s “brightest” might mean lighting up an entire section of land in the middle of the night. 

While it’s true that the Fenix TK75 and the LR40R are both bright lights, they are different in how they throw the light. The TK75 is a true spotlight blasting 5100 lumens over half of a mile, where the LD40R is brightest when using the 11000-lumen floodlight,  Speaking of battery life…

fenix lr40r flashlight 12000 lumens brightest


Both the TK75 and the Fenix LR40R do not have built-in batteries, so you can choose to pack extra rechargeable ones if you wish (and please note that the LR40R comes with a rechargeable battery pack, whereas the TK75 does not). When you’re wondering if it’s time to swap out the battery or not, go ahead and check the battery-level indicator of the LR40R, and you may also charge other devices thanks to the discharge function of the instrument. On the TK75, you need to remove the battery pack to access the battery level indicator, so you can still assess your power needs. Both flashlights come with a lock-out feature to prevent accidental activation, which can save battery life. 

fenix LR40r flashlight runtime specs


We’ve covered some of the basics that differentiate the Fenix TK75 from the LR40R, but of course, the best way to know which one fits your needs is to dive into the details. For exact lumens and other features of these two powerful tactical flashlights, check either their product pages, or the table down below. 

Removable Battery? Lumens No. of Lighting Modes IP68 Rating? Length and Weight
TK75 Yes, not included 5,100 lumens, 930 yards 6 brightness levels

, Strobe and SOS

Yes 7.4”, 22.2 ounces
LR40R Yes, included 12,000 lumens, 700 yards  4 spotlight, 7 floodlight, Strobe and SOS Yes 6.1”, 17.6 ounces


The LR40R and TK75 are some of the brightest tactical flashlights out there. When you need to be able to reliably turn night into day, both of these lights will be able to get the job done.

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