Sneak Peak of New Fenix Products

Sneak Peak of Products Set to Launch this Summer

Please note: The information below is classified until each product is officially launched by Fenix Lighting USA

Releasing any information below will lead to immediate expulsion 


Ambassadors, keep a look out for these new products! The official launch date for each product is unknown. Once products are officially launched, Fenix social media is the first to announce so keep an eye out! If you are specifically interested in Testing and Evaluating any of the new products, please comment below which one and why!

Introducing CL09 Keychain Lantern

fenix cl09 camping lanternFenix CL09 is a compact and cold-resistant camping lantern. Neutral white light effectively gives better color rendering, while the featured multipurpose red and blue lights can be used as signal lights. CL09 has IP68 rated protection, a magnetic bottom and hanging loop making the lantern suitable for various lighting situations. Compatible with the new 16340 USB rechargeable battery, ARB-L16-700U, and with CR123A batteries.

Introducing HM50R Rechargeable Headlamp

Fenix hm50r rechargeable headlamp

Fenix HM50R is a Micro USB Rechargeable Headlamp that is fitted with a white light LED featuring 4 output levels, easily accessed by the side switch in the lamp head. Features include: IP68 rating, cold-resistance, full-metal housing, semi-sealed (headlamp holder can be removed), sweat-block headband and compatible with 16340 rechargeable batteries and CR123A batteries.

Introducing the HP30R Rechargeable Headlamp

Fenix HP30R headlamp comes with a separate battery case, powered by two 18650 Li-ion batteries and worn on a belt. This headlamp is rechargeable via Micro USB port in the battery case, in addition the battery can be used as a power bank. Featuring four white spotlight output levels, and four neutral white floodlight output levels, the spot- and floodlight can be switched on simultaneously.

In addition, lookout for these upcoming products and many more surprises! 

-3 additional headlamps
-3 upgraded bike lights
-Two new upgraded lanterns
-4xAA focusable Flashlight
-4×18650 Focusable Flashlight
-Redesigned USB Rechargable 26650 Flashlight
-Upgraded TK35UE (USB RECHARGEABLE+3000 lumens)
-New TK72R–OLED and 9000 lumens
-Upgraded TK75 (USB RECHARGEABLE+5200 lumens)

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  • you have my attention! 4×18650 Focusable Flashlight…does this mean an adjustable flood/spot beam light?

  • I would definitely be interested in trying out the New TK72R–OLED 9000 lumens I think it would be very good for spotlighting Hogs and other varmints in the middle of our property. Please send my way!

  • Joshua Hoppe
    August 1, 2017 8:54 am

    I cannot wait for the bike lights! I also hope that you have a bike tail light in the works! You have the ability to take a big market share with the quality of lights you are putting out. Hope to see them soon!

  • More bike lights! Yes! I hope you get around to making a tail light for bicycles as well. Many roadies do not use a headlight in the daytime, but most have a blinking taillight. The market is ripe for a Fenix take on them.
    Happy to test any of those.

  • I would be interested in the HP30R Rechargeable Headlamp. I have a hiking trip and I am currently looking for the ideal head lamp that I can attache to a backpack the external battery pack looks promising.

  • The keychain lantern will work great for the kids “camping out” in their backyard tent! When you live in the city the Grand Children love to pretend camp by roasting hot dogs over a patio fire and sleep in the tent and all kids that I know so much enjoy having a light and this one we won’t have to worry about turning it off to save battery life.

  • I’d be interested to test the HP50R.

    A compact headlamp rechargable via USB would be an excellent addition to my night-time shooting gear. As the Arizona summer heats up (Already 110deg Fahrenheit and counting in the daytime), I do a lot of night-time shooting matches. A lihtweight headlamp is great for ID’ing targets before a pistol or rifle can be put on-target with a weapon-light attached.

  • Lots of great stuff listed here. Really looking forward to seeing more information on the other headlamps, lanterns and the 18650 Focusable Flashlight!

  • I currently carry the PD35 as my EDC, however my job has me travelling to various sites and depending on the area and space I’m inspecting, it can get REALLY dark. Would love to test out a rechargeable light that I can keep in my vehicle or at home, and know that it’s always ready to go. I think the upgraded TK35UE or the TK75 would be up for the challenge.

  • I’m very interested in the hp30r due to my job requirements sometimes I’m under houses and in attics for hours at a time with no access to battery chargers. This would be a great addition to my tools and allow me to work longer on a set of batteries. It would also make a great raccoon hunting light during the winter months

  • Joshua Hoppe
    May 23, 2017 9:00 am

    I just purchased two of your CL25R Lanterns for camping usages. I bought three separate foldable lightweight tripods that hold the lanterns intending on purchasing the CL30R. Do you have a new lantern that is more powerful than the CL30R? If so I would like to review that lantern as well for my third larger tripod as a full base camp solution. Currently the tandem CL25R’s are holding up well as dispersed lighting like tiki torches of LED’s. I can’t wait for your new renditions of lanterns I am also looking forward to the ultimate TK72R–OLED that I have requested a sample of to test out for search and rescue type situations where max lighting is necessary at any moment. Cannot wait to see what you guys come out with next! Keep up the great work and innovation.

  • I would like to take a shot at trying out the CL09 Keychain Lantern. I have a couple Fenix lanterns now and use them quite often. I really this kind of light for lighting general work areas or being able to hang in the camper or from a tree. This would be great to carry in my pocket around camp to have light for prepping food or checking various things in camp. It’s time to start ramping up new spots at the lease so it would be just in time. Thank you for continuing to come up with new products that make our lives easier!

  • Justin Cowley
    May 22, 2017 12:34 pm

    Absolutely! Will keep top secret! The HP30R looks awesome and I’d be honored to test it out for you! I would love a headlamp that is as bright as the PD35TAC and I think the belt clip design for the batteries is a great idea. I’m also a big fan of the 18650 batteries as I have a PD35Tac and TK35UE. The fact that the batteries are completely interchangeable is a big bonus in my opinion!

  • I am currently in the market for a key chain light. The CL09 would work great for my application. I would love to try one of these out and submit my review. Thank you.

  • Out of these, I’d love to try the Fenix HM50R. It looks light, and would work great for night-time running (even in the rain!) and tower climbs. Seems super bright, and rechargeable is nice. Being detachable from the strap would be nice when it’s on a climbing helmet, but you need light elsewhere.

  • I would be intrested in testing the HP30R do to my job does require both hands at times. I think this could be a real brake threw in the sanitation pre op step. Thanks Adam Buchholz

  • I’d love to test one of either the HM50R or the HP30R if possible.

  • Anny chance of a new rc model coming out?

  • Those micro lanterns are going to be great for camping!

  • Of the above new items, I’m most intrigued by the Fenix (Black) CL09 Keychain lantern. I’m not sure of the size of it, based on the description… but I have a Black Diamond Apollo lantern that I used to use quite a bit before purchasing my Fenix HP25 headlamp. It was primarily the battery issues with the Apollo that caused me to stop using it, as it would constantly start showing the low battery indicator shortly after putting a fresh pair of batteries in and only it for about 30 minutes.

    But I really like how the CL09 has a both a flat magnetic bottom, in addition to a hanging ring. The max 200 lumens matches that of my old Apollo, except the CL09 has WAY more lighting options with its Red & Blue (or is it Green?) lights, and it’s Impact resistance and IP68 Waterproof capabilities. It sounds like an all-around perfect camp lantern!

  • I love the sneak peaks! Are you able to tell us the dimensions of the keychain lantern? I would definitely be interested in testing this item. I can see many uses for it not only camping, but around the house and garage as well.

  • Greg Lanting
    May 19, 2017 6:36 pm

    Currently my everyday carry is the UC02 so I would love to test how the CL09 compares and what its lantern style has to offer. Also with fishing season approaching it would be a great backup to my boat light when I come in late. Never know when they may go out so a waterproof, magnetic, lantern would be great!

  • I’m quite interested in that lantern. What’s the weight going to be? 36 hours @ 30 lumens for a CR123 is epic. That would be the perfect tent light. That’s how I would test it, as a tent light, and a camp chore light. Could hang it above a campsite as well as an area light, as it looks like it has a little metal hanger loop 🙂

    As for the headlamps, hmm.
    The HM50R looks quite solid. Very solid.

    But the HP30R looks like a heavyweight prize fighter. I’d use that in Search training and use in hike patrol as a go to light. The run-time is incredible. I’d actually test/review this light with a 15 mile night hike.

    Great stuff Fenix!!!!

  • Jerry Loaiza
    May 19, 2017 4:58 pm

    This is great.Very nice lineup coming up.Very interested in the 26650 light,as i want a light in that battery size.
    Id be interested if given the opportunitynity to test out the cl09.Besides camping it looks like it would make a good light for work on the car since its magnetic.

  • I wouldn’t mind testing out the HM50R as a replacement for my wildland firefighting helmet headlamp.

  • The HP30R looks intresting to me. Would be a great caving light but has fenix upgrade the connection piece on the wire to be alittle more durable? My Hp30’s plug (and anyone i know who has used it for a caving light) has always evenually deteriorated untill it causes the light to flicker out due to a poor connection making it unsafe for a caver to use. But Otherwise i like the design. Would love to see a similar light but with a helmet mounted 26650 battery pack with a short wire. Thats my ideal light design for underground.

  • I would be interested in testing the CL09 Keychain Lantern. I am interested in a good lantern that I can take hiking and camping. The output looks like it would be more than enough light for around the campfire or in the tent. I would like to have it in my pack to see exactly what it can do and test it’s limits.


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