Review of the Fenix TK22 UE Tactical Flashlight

The TK22 UE would be a good one for the glove box of your car or truck. The alloy glass breaking tips on the steel bezel could potentially save your or someone else’s life.
It has a beam pattern that is very good for distance, yet it has enough spill to also light the general area. I found that the two lowest settings of the light were more usable than usual, compared to other similar flashlights. The Turbo level throws an amazing amount of light with a fairly tight spot, yet it has good spill.

One thing I did not like is that the TK22 UE lacks a battery level indication of its remaining charge. Having used other Fenix flashlights, I have gotten very used to that feature.
I feel the flashlight would be great to have in your home, in your vehicle, on your duty belt, or in the woods.

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