RC11 Review

RC11 Review

Fire Rescue Ambassador Andrew H.

The Fenix RC11 is almost the perfect light for my needs, so it’s been hard to try to review it. Starting off with its size, it fits perfectly in your hands. It’s powered by one – 18650 battery, or two CR123 batteries, so that gives you a good sense of the light’s size. The light is pretty much round, without any protrusions that are normally on lights to keep it from rolling. The removable clip works well to prevent rolling.

Unlike most of Fenix’s other lights, this light uses a single button on the side for the power button, as well as to change modes. It took me a few weeks to get used to this configuration, but it’s fairly easy to use. What makes this design even better is the location of the light’s charging port. This light uses a proprietary charging cord that recharges the light using a magnetic connection. The magnetic port is on the opposite side of the light from the button, so when you grab the flashlight, it’s very easy to find the power button. The charging port is recessed, while the button is raised.

As much as I like having the one button to do everything, I’ve found that with a power button on the side of the light, it’s been turned on accidentally several times while in the holster. If you’d count that as a negative, that’s the only one I have for this light. It has excellent output with five different levels, and its light spread is a bit wider than other lights, which I’ve rather enjoyed.

My last comment on this light isn’t so much on the light itself since you can take the 18650 battery out to recharge separately, or use the CR123 batteries, but I’ve found the supplied charging cord is far too short – it’s only 18 inches from tip to tip. The cord uses any standard USB charger, but I’ve found the cord to be too short to reach most of my outlets without the light hanging from the cord.

I’ve used the Fenix PD20 as well as the PD22 for years as my EDC while on duty at the fire station. Since I’ve had the RC11, it’s been on my hip every shift, and I don’t see it going away any time soon. The added light output is something I didn’t know I needed! You won’t be disappointed with this light.

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