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Posts by Tobias A.

Occupation: Nordic Ski Coach and Videographer

Location: Fairbanks, AK


About Me

You know that friend who picks up the phone when you call and after 5 minutes of chatting you learn they're up on the side of a snowy mountain? Or the one who thinks it's okay to show up to a party without showering after a long training day and then falls asleep by 9:30 PM because they wake up at the crack of dawn to run and shoot the sunrise? That's me and I've been friendless since 2011.

Fenix headlamps have been deep in my heart since I made the discovery of their products in 2009. Though I'm less in touch with civilization, Fenix has been a large contributor to illuminating my path in getting to know Nature and surviving the spell before sunrise.

I enjoy exploring the places closest to me on foot, skis, or bike and getting to know people furthest from me in this great big interweb world. So drop me a line and lets get creative!


I absolutely love this headlamp. The strap for around the head is simple, yet most effective. I love how light it feels on my head and the brightness of the…
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The CL23

This is a very calming lamp that you can have on in your tent or van without it hurting your eyes from being too bright. The light is well diffused…
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