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Occupation: Oil & Gas

Location: Casper, WY

About Me

I am 33 years old, going on 60 somedays and 14 on other days! Husband to my beautiful wife Laura, and Dad to 2 awesome boys, 8 and 10. Worked 7.5 years at a tire shop and decided to be adventurous and work out of state. Been in the oil & gas industry for 7 years now. Been through and worked in several states, all hours of the day. When I am on days off, or get a moment while I'm away at work, I enjoy exploring, off-roading, fishing, shooting and flying my drone.

Blinded by the HT18!

Well, I don’t even know where to start. The HT18 is INSANE! Kind of reminds me of a lightsaber. So, let me get started by saying I am a huge…
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