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Occupation: Helicopter Mechanic

Location: Mobile, AL

About Me

I am an A&P Mechanic currently working on helicopters for PHI Inc. I am active whether I'm at work or play. Play for me consist of fishing (as much as I can) and working on whatever I can around the house. Yes, I consider working as part of play too. I love to fix whatever is broken and improve whatever I see. That's where Fenix comes in so handy. The days of holding a flashlight for my Dad are in the past. If I could go back in time I would take him a Fenix headlamp so the light would always be in the right spot. That's what I love about my Fenix products; they work, they're tough, and they help me get the job done.


I’ve been a Fenix fan for over 8 years now. They have always had superior products that hold up for as long as I have them. My most recent purchase…
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