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Occupation: Electrical Engineer/Running Coach

Location: Homer, AK

About Me

I'm a life-long athlete who's competed in just about every human powered racing, cycling, running, swimming, and traithlong. I've even done a few motorcycle races. I've been successful in all disciplines at the shortest sprints to the longest endurance event. I've competed in the heat of Texas to the frigid cold of interior Alaska.

In the last few years I've started coaching other athletes to enjoy competition and push themselves to their best. I've coached individuals and high school cross country and track teams. My rookie year coaching track and field I won a coach of the year award.

When I'm not competing I enjoy quiet time in the outdoors with my wife and 2 kids. We enjoy Alaska summer sunshine and freedom. The real treasure is the winter solitude of Alaskan cold and darkness .


I’m loving this light. It powers through the deepest Alaskan nights. The low flood light setting is just right for most things, but you have the super bright high beam…
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