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Occupation: Insurance Management- Auto Damage

Location: Birmingham, Alabama

About Me

Husband, Father, Marine Veteran and Ultra Endurance Runner. When it comes to lighting I have vast experience in CQB/Assault aspects from the Marine Corps to present day 24+ hour ultra marathons. I have learned life is to short to second guess quality when it comes to the lighting you choose to get you home.

After decades of searching, I have finally found, without question, the best lighting source out there.

I am passionate about Fenix lighting and sharing my tips and strategies with anyone needing advice on lighting platforms. This includes endurance racing or military applications.

Endurance Racing
15+ 50K Trail races
2- 50 Mile Trail races
2- 100 Mile Trail races (Pinhoti 100, Blood Rock 100)

Night Running Perfection

Night Running Perfection! Running Ambassador Robby W. I run at night during endurance events. And lightning rooty and rocky trails with sheer drop offs are critical to success and safety.…
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