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Occupation: Cabinet Maker, Adventure Racer

Location: Bellingham, WA


About Me

Mitch began building his adventure racing skillset as a youngster in the flatlands of Missouri running around in the fields and consistently finding his way home but not without finding a solid amount of mud, thorns, and poison ivy. After high school he needed bigger expanses to explore, so he moved west to Washington. There he found work as a NOLS instructor teaching mountaineering in the Cascades, Patagonia, Alaska, and New Zealand. Meanwhile, Mitch began to dabble in racing by competing in trail running and mountain biking races. In spring of 2017 he was invited to race with the Quest Race Team during a 3 hour weeknight race in Seattle (thanks, Krank Events!), and he was hooked! After a successful 2017, completing 8 races from 3-30 hours, Mitch is excited to break into the expedition adventure racing world in 2018. Standing at 6’4”, he brings a love for bushwhacking, strong work ethic, experience in technical mountain terrain, a helpful, caring attitude, and a fun personality that can keep things light in the hardest of moments.