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Location: Miville, NJ

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I'm a Nebraska boy living in New Jersey (and married to a NJ girl). I was born and raised in central Nebraska; grew up hunting, fishing, and occasionally working on a farm. Most of my adult working life has been spent in route sales, either on the truck or managing the sales force. In 2000 I became infected with Lyme's disease and have been battling that for the past 17 years. So far I seem to be winning that battle, but it was anybody's guess for a while.

My hobbies include photography, metal detecting, history, collecting knives, the Constitution, and working with wood (I make outdoor furniture). I was cursed/blessed with the gift of gab and will spend hours talking to anyone patient enough to listen. I love the outdoors; it's where I go when I need to relax or just want a first-hand view of nature's beauty.

TK32-Mike K

Fenix TK32 Flashlight Review

Hunting Ambassador, Mike K, Reviews the TK32 Flashlight If you’ve every experienced the joy of waking up to a sharp elbow to the ribs and your wife anxiously whispering “I…
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