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Occupation: Sr Maintenance Technician

Location: Chouteau,Ok

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Hello I'm a 30 yr old Native American Flashaholic! I've been working in a foundry for 10+ yrs as an Electrician/Mechanic/Thermographer. A Family man is my #1 job though, wife and 3 wonderful kids keep me on my toes. I enjoy everything there is to do with flashlights. I use them all day at work and late at night when the kids and I are on bug hunting adventures in the back yard!

Fenix TK30 LEP Review

Fenix TK30 LEP Review Ambassador Matt W. The Fenix TK30 is a new kind of flashlight! Well it’s more of a laser light. It uses the newer LEP (Laser Excited…
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Fenix HT18 Review

To start off this review I must say I’ve been waiting for this light for awhile. In the sense that I’ve been wanting a dedicated thrower from Fenix. That’s exactly…
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Fenix HM61R Review

So I’ve been using the Fenix HL60R headlamp for about 2 years now. I originally picked it up because I wanted something brighter and rechargeable. It blew me away! Surpassed…
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Fenix LR40R Review

So I’ve had this light for a good 2 months now and can’t seem to put it down… Fenix has once again made a beast of a light! A total…
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Fenix PD36R Review

The Fenix PD36R is the big brother to the PD35 series. Big improvements have been made with this one! Larger capacity 21700 battery, 1600 lumens and finally USB type-C charging!…
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Fenix TK72R review

I finally had the chance to purchase the Fenix TK72R so I couldn’t pass it up! Just something about the quality and of course the 9,000 lumen output, I had…
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Fenix Product HL60R Review

The Fenix HL60R surpassed my expectations! I bought this light to use at work primarily. I work in a foundry where it is dark, hot and very hard on tools.…
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