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Posts by Matt W.

Occupation: Sr Maintenance Technician

Location: Chouteau,Ok

Fenix PD36R Review

The Fenix PD36R is the big brother to the PD35 series. Big improvements have been made with this one! Larger capacity 21700 battery, 1600 lumens and finally USB type-C charging!…
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Fenix TK72R review

I finally had the chance to purchase the Fenix TK72R so I couldn’t pass it up! Just something about the quality and of course the 9,000 lumen output, I had…
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Fenix Product HL60R Review

The Fenix HL60R surpassed my expectations! I bought this light to use at work primarily. I work in a foundry where it is dark, hot and very hard on tools.…
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