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Location: Gold Hill, NC


About Me

Hello, my name is Justin. I'm a full-time photographer based in the beautiful state of North Carolina. I've become a jack of all trades kind of photographer over the past 20 years. I began my journey in portrait photography and then into weddings. Over the past decade, I've worked primarily in lifestyle photography, photographing various products and people.

Here recently, I've started a Youtube channel to review things I enjoy in life. A lot of those things are backpacks and flashlights. I personally feel there is nothing better in life than the great outdoors. Spending time hiking and camping are a few of my favorite things. I feel it's vital to have the best equipment with you to help you have a safe and meaningful adventure. That's one of the reasons I really enjoy using Fenix flashlights. There is something special about owning the best of the best and Fenix lights are just that. You can even feel the quality in the material when you hold it in your hands. The light output is always pleasant to the eyes too. Everyone who uses mine always asks where they can pick one up. Once you carry one with you on a daily basis it's like a best friend that never lets you down.

I personally like the rechargeable options that Fenix offers since I can recharge on the go, even while I'm out camping or if I'm out photographing nature, or a client on the side of a mountain. I also like having options to use primary batteries as a backup in case I need them in an emergency.

All in all these are lights that enable you to do what you love to do without compromise. You can expect to pass these down to your kids!

- Justin

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Talking Points – Fenix SD11

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