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Occupation: Professional Civil Engineer

Location: Laurel, Mississippi


About Me

I am a licensed professional civil engineer and an avid outdoor enthusiast. I enjoy all sorts of adventure sports including: vertical caving, rock climbing, rappelling, alpine climbing, backpacking, hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, road cycling, and occasionally some shark fishing. I am a photographer as well, and I end up carrying my camera with just about everywhere I go outdoors. While vertical caving in Ellison's Cave, my best friend and adventure buddy introduced me to Fenix Lights - I was sold. I now use Fenix lights on all my adventures and as an every day carry.

TK75 AKA “Star Cannon”

TK75 AKA “Star Cannon” Ambassador Jonathan K. Over the past few years I have REALLY gotten into vertical caving. My best friend finally talked me into expanding my rock climbing/rappelling…
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