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Occupation: Occupational Health & Safety Officer

Location: Humble, TX

About Me

I'm an outdoor enthusiast who loves camping and being on the water. I enjoy playing chess and going on road trips.
I like testing out new gear and seeing what works and what doesn't.
Having spent time in the military and coming from a military family, I've always had an interest in "survival gear" (i.e.) flashlights, knives, guns, etc. and testing their real world use and capabilities.

John P

Fenix TK47 Flashlight Review

Outdoor Ambassador, John P., Reviews the TK47 Tactical Duty Flashlight Having used the Fenix TK47 first hand, I can attest to its excellent performance and value. This flashlight is built…
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John P. PD35

PD35 Flashlight – My EDC

Outdoor Ambassador, John P., Reviews the PD35 Flashlight I’ve been using the Fenix PD-35 (960 Lumen version) for a little over 2 years now. I must say, this has been…
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