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Occupation: Occupational Health & Safety Officer

Location: Humble, TX

About Me

I'm an outdoor enthusiast who loves camping and being on the water. I enjoy playing chess and going on road trips.
I like testing out new gear and seeing what works and what doesn't.
Having spent time in the military and coming from a military family, I've always had an interest in "survival gear" (i.e.) flashlights, knives, guns, etc. and testing their real world use and capabilities.

Fenix PD36R

After having owned the Fenix PD35 for many years I decided it was time for an upgrade. I decided on the Fenix PD36R for a couple of reasons. The versatility…
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Fenix TK22UE Review

I love the outdoors and I love flashlights, but I also believe in having the right tool for the job. The Fenix TK22UE is an outstanding performer and covers all…
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John P

Fenix TK47 Flashlight Review

Outdoor Ambassador, John P., Reviews the TK47 Tactical Duty Flashlight Having used the Fenix TK47 first hand, I can attest to its excellent performance and value. This flashlight is built…
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John P. PD35

PD35 Flashlight – My EDC

Outdoor Ambassador, John P., Reviews the PD35 Flashlight I’ve been using the Fenix PD-35 (960 Lumen version) for a little over 2 years now. I must say, this has been…
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