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Occupation: High School Administrator

Location: Antelope Valley, CA

About Me

Professionally, I'm a high school English teacher turned administrator with over 20 years spent serving kids. For fun, I'm a Steel Challenge speed shooting competitor with a Grand Master ranking on three platforms and growing. I have competed in everything from the South West Pistol League, where I won a trophy in L-10, though "I was just happy to be there!" at the World Speed Shoot. I'm also experienced in USPSA, Rimfire Challenge, and other types of shooting competitions.

HM50R USB Headlamp

Three months ago, I purchased an HM50R USB rechargeable headlamp, and I have used it quite a bit in the crawlspaces of my attic where I needed both hands free…
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The Mighty UC02

In the 1940’s, 20th Century Fox introduced the world to Mighty Mouse, a super hero who confounded the villains because his size belied his strength. DC Comics similarly has The…
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