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Occupation: High School Administrator

Location: Antelope Valley, CA

About Me

Professionally, I'm a high school English teacher turned administrator with over 20 years spent serving kids. For fun, I'm a Steel Challenge speed shooting competitor with a Grand Master ranking on three platforms and growing. I have competed in everything from the South West Pistol League, where I won a trophy in L-10, though "I was just happy to be there!" at the World Speed Shoot. I'm also experienced in USPSA, Rimfire Challenge, and other types of shooting competitions.

E03R: Always at Hand

E03R: Always at Hand Ambassador John K. The Fenix E03R is a very small, durable, and bright keychain light that everybody should own. As a rule, I normally carry a…
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HM50R USB Headlamp

Three months ago, I purchased an HM50R USB rechargeable headlamp, and I have used it quite a bit in the crawlspaces of my attic where I needed both hands free…
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The Mighty UC02

In the 1940’s, 20th Century Fox introduced the world to Mighty Mouse, a super hero who confounded the villains because his size belied his strength. DC Comics similarly has The…
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