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Occupation: Police Officer

Location: North Central Ohio

About Me

I’ve been an officer for 24 years and counting. I’ve fished and hunted for many years too. I have a son that is a Cadet at USAFA and 2 girls still in high school.

I also work on my own cars and items if I can and enjoy classic muscle cars. I now own my dad’s 1968 GTO that he bought brand new.

E28R – Great Compact Light

E28R – Great compact light Ambassador John G. I placed my Fenix order for a few lights and accessories during this holiday rush. I also placed several other orders for…
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APB30 Storage Bag

APB30 Storage Bag Ambassador John G. I ordered a couple of headlamps and added a couple of these specifically for said headlamps. Upon arrival I am sure glad that I…
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LR35R nice compact powerhouse!

LR35R nice compact powerhouse! Law Enforcement Ambassador John G. Ordered this last week and it was slated to arrive on a Saturday. It arrived 2 days early to me in…
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CL26R rechargeable lantern

CL26R rechargeable lantern Law Enforcement Ambassador John G. I ordered this along with the E03R keychain over the Fourth of July and even that didn’t slow Fenix and their shipping…
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E03R Keychain

E03R Keychain Law Enforcement Ambassador John G. I missed out on the first batch of these so when I saw that one could again preorder them I placed an order…
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PD40R V2.0

Recently received and reviewed a couple of smaller, less powerful lights so I was ready to get a big boy here with some lumens and potentially anger the neighbor for…
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E20 V2.0 AA Light!

Ordered this light while Fenix Lighting was accepting Pre Orders and did so specifically to test out and then give to my 17 year old daughter to put in her…
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PD32 900 Lumens

Placed an order for this light along with just a 2600 battery to use with it. I bought this setup along with the new AA light to give both away…
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