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Occupation: Retired

Location: Murray, Utah

About Me

I am currently retired after working at a physician-owned insurance company, handling medical malpractice cases for physicians, for 30 years. While going to college, I worked as a machinist at a custom metal shop running mills, lathes, surface grinders, etc.
I grew up as an "Army Brat," as my father was a colonel and a pilot in the Army. I think my fascination with "flashlights" started one night when I was in the flight tower while my father was flying. Just before he was to land, they let me use the very large spotlight on top of the tower to scare away the pronghorn "antelope" off the runway. Talk about "flashlight!"
My hobbies include: flyfishing, shooting, reloading, amateur radio (Advanced license), woodworking, ATVs and snowmobiles.
I own a cabin in the mountains at about 7,500 feet. We access it in the winter primarily by snowmobile, sometimes by ATV or snowshoes. We like to take walks at dusk while at the cabin. We use flashlights or headlamps to make sure we are aware of our surroundings. To date we have seen mountain lions, coyotes, moose, deer, elk, raccoons, and badgers. Amazingly no skunks, yet!
I try to take a guided flyfishing trip at least once a year. I have been lucky to do the Henry's Fork, the Madison, the Yellowstone, Hebgen Lake, Henry's Lake, the Green, Silver Creek, the Rio Grande in Colorado, Lake Creek in Alaska and this year the plan is to do the South Fork of the Snake.
I use flashlights and headlamps often, for fishing, getting to and from the cabin, working on radios, etc.

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