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Occupation: Project manager/ inspector

Location: Austin, Texas

About Me

Hello. This is Leo, I’m a construction project manager and also I do property assessment and inspection. I’m always looking at structures, dark places, taking pictures and so forth. My Fenix tools have proven to be reliable companions. Quality of light is excellent, I’m backed up by sturdiness, long lasting batteries and the reliability after the first click every single time. I always receive great contrasts in my pictures thanks to the crisp light patterns. I’m also a biker and they’ve gotten me out of trouble on dark paths way too many times. You can’t go wrong with Fenix!

I started with a TK09 that still is in my work belt. Once I discovered a quality light I couldn’t settle for less, had a LD41 that I passed to one of my inspectors and he doesn't want to carry anything else. My TK20 walked away after my car gotten broken in, it was one of the best lights I’ve ever had. My LD30 is always in my backpack with my putter and the TK35ue is just fantastic all around despite its size. Looking forward to reviewing new products in the future!!!