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Occupation: Civil Engineer

Location: College Station, TX

About Me

Born and raised on a dairy farm I was always drawn to the outdoors and working with my hands. As I grew up, vacations to national parks further instilled a sense of adventure in life. I now work as a civil engineer and enjoy a wide variety of outdoor activities. Whether it be utilizing my advance scuba certification, exploring state and national parks, white water rafting, or camping outdoors, the need for good gear is a must. For the past few years I have started to exclusively use Fenix products for my various lighting needs. Every one of my lights has worked without issue and I will always advocate to people what a great line of products Fenix produces!

Fenix HL55 Headlamp Review

Outdoor Ambassador, Greg L., Reviews the HL55 Of all my Fenix lights I own, the HL55 headlamp has to be my favorite. What places it in this prominent position for…
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