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Occupation: Dad, Tactical Trainee

Location: Chandler Az


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I have spent the last two years training with some of Arizona's top tactical training experts, honing my self defense, team tactics, and advanced shooting skills to prepare me for a myriad of different threats. I focus on personal​ and family defense in realistic scenarios. I am also a dad so picking the right tools to carry, in training and out is important. You aren't prepared if you don't practice and you won't be prepared if you don't carry the right tools.

erik w

Fenix LD11 Review

Tactical Ambassador, Erik W., Reviews the LD11 It’s certainly hard to check all the boxes when looking for an EDC light that can also hold up to field ops and…
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Erik W

Fenix PD25 Flashlight Review

PD25 Review by Tactical Ambassador, Erik W. For me a light needs to be a healthy balance of size and power. Thes rest of the features are pretty standard, unlikely…
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