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Posts by David Haas

Occupation: Computer Science and Electrical Engineer

Location: Bowling Green, Ohio


About Me

I am a Computer Science and Electrical Engineer that works a lot outdoors and in dark environments. I use fenix flashlights on a daily basis and trust them to be reliable and provide enough light to complete the job at hand.

HM65R Review

I was hesitant to purchase a headlamp, as I wasn’t sure how useful it would be, but after buying this HM65R, I’m upset that I didn’t give it a try…
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PD36R Review

I own an E30R and PD35-TAC from Fenix, and decided to try out the PD36R. I must say, it is noticeably brighter than the PD35-TAC. I also like the beam…
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Fenix Product E30R Review

The Fenix E30R is the perfect Every Day Carry (EDC) flashlight. Being around 3 inches long, it fits great in your pocket and is barely noticeable. While it is small,…
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