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Occupation: Technology Specialist

Location: Armada, MI

About Me

My name is Dakota,. I'm an avid outdoors-man that hunts everything. My primary targets are varmint and predators here in Michigan. I'm a huge gear junkie that uses and abuses what I carry on my person, every day. Whether it's in a server room or in the woods, my equipment cannot fail me!

Fenix RC05 SE

Fenix RC05 SE Hunting Ambassador Dakota F. I’m always interested in smaller pocket sized EDC lights and I’ve been growing more and more fond of the AA lights due to…
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Fenix E20 V2

Fenix E20 V2 The Fenix E20 V2 made me a believer of AA lights. I’ve used the RC05 SE and it’s a convenient little light but there is such thing…
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Fenix TK35UE

Revisiting my review of the TK35UE…it was my favorite hunting light due to it’s crazy brightness and relatively compact size. Super far throw, easy UI and long run time with…
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Fenix E12

I actually find it funny that the cheapest Fenix light I own…is my favorite. This is literally THE BEST light for office EDC. I’m talking about a light that doesn’t…
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Fenix LD30

The Fenix LD30, a more practical twist on the Fenix E30R.  From what I can tell, the heads of the two lights mentioned are extremely similar. Both in modes, diffusion…
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Fenix HM61R

I must say, this is probably my favorite headlamp to date.  I think Fenix hit the nail right on the head with its utilitarian features. To start, it seems way…
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Fenix CL30R Lantern

I took a few weeks to use this lantern before writing a review about it. First things first, the CL30R is typical Fenix quality, I haven’t found a single blemish,…
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Fenix HL60R

I purchased this headlamp to upgrade my HL55 that has been through the ringer. It still functions and has been my go to for all hunts and hands free chores…
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Pretty impressive little light. The one button interface can be improved on however. I also think that the light could benefit from a little more throw, even though it is…
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