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Occupation: HVAC Technician

Fenix HT18

Fenix HT18 Ambassador Cody D. I have to admit that this is my first long distance flashlight so I didn’t know what to expect. I have had and used spot…
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PD40R to the Rescue!

PD40R to the Rescue! Ambassador Cody D. We had a sustained power outage from some severe winds and while the occasional power outage that gets you sent home early from…
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PD36R honest review

When flashlights with 1000 lumens were the norm on the market and they were a dime a dozen I got one (or more) from various brands but with each one…
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LD30 A near perfect Combo

The LD30 with the optional 3500mAH battery with the built in charging is a near perfect combination. Bright, rechargeable, durable flashlight.  Ever since the LD22 my EDC has been getting…
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E30R Tried and Tested

The new Fenix line up intrigues me. A flashlight with more out put than my current UC35 V2.0 is worth a look. I initially overlooked the special charging cable and…
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A Light for All. UC35

I was first introduced to Fenix by my neighbor who was a fireman, I rescued his Dog that got its leg stuck on some old irrigation pipe on his property…
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