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Occupation: Espresso Machine Part (Wholesale)

Location: Roseville, CA

About Me

Craftsmanship is underrated. Today, too many items are created with the understanding that their useful life will only be one or two uses. I am the type of person who likes to buy a quality product the first time and plan on having it for life. That was what first drew me to Fenix flashlights - I wanted a flashlight to take on a backpacking trip and I wanted to be able to depend on it for years to come. I purchased a PD35 and have been enamored with Fenix Flashlights since. I now have a Fenix in my night stand, in my car, as a daily carry and in many other locations through out my house.

In high school and college I was a rower, a sport that took long hours of dedication in order to be competitive. Since stopping rowing, a number of activities have sprung up to fill that void in my life namely, anything outdoors. From camping to hiking to hunting to biking (mountain and road) to scuba diving and everything in between - I am equipped to head out on a moments notice. That is important because time has become a rare commodity (and not all of my friends are planners). I manage a technical import/export business centered around espresso machines during the work week. Then, when I head home to my fiance, my step-son and our dogs, I get to enjoy family time and take on our home improvement projects. I enjoy everything I get to do, but it does leave very little time to sit idle, so I need my equipment to work with few headaches every time I need it.