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Hello I'm Chance, ever since I was a kid I've been looking to see what the natural world was all about. I picked up a fascination for snakes when my father showed me snakes in the yard as a child and my passion for animals sky rocketed from there, here I am today pursuing a degree in outdoor education and teaching the world that snakes are beautiful creatures deserving of respect and conservation. In my free time I like to look for snakes and cool plants!

Fenix HM50R Review

This little light packs a most powerful punch! I took this little headlamp with me to summit Mount Elbert in Colorado, which is the second highest peak in the US!…
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Chance F

Fenix HP25R Headlamp Review

Headlamp Review by Outdoor Ambassador, Chance F. Fenix HP25R Headlamp   The Fenix HP25R is an awesome headlamp with two different modes of lighting your night. There is a spotlight which…
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