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Occupation: Sanitation Worker - shift lead

Location: Higbee, Missouri

About Me

I work for a professional sanitation company, which cleans and sanitize plants in the food production industry from meat to bakery items.
The shift consist of extreme hot to cold and wet conditions. As well as continually working with industrial cleaning chemicals.

I love to have fun with my family at home and we play and work just as hard around the house. I live in the country which has all sorts of exciting weather in Missouri, but also unreliable power distribution at times. Definitely never a dull moment for long. I couldn't ask for a better life.

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Fenix RC15 Flashlight Review

I absolutely love Fenix RC15 Flashlight. As a professional sanitation worker, it works under extremely abusive conditions. In -40°F to 425°F it continues to work as hard as I do…
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