Fenix PD35 V2.0 Flashlight

Max Lumens: 1000
Modes: 6
(176 customer reviews)

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New and improved, the PD35 V2.0 flashlight is destined to carry forward on Fenix’s most popular flashlight. Fitted with the Cree XP-L HI V3 LED, this light delivers a maximum 1000 lumens at a distance of 820 feet (250 meters). Turn the light on and off with the tail switch of the PD35 and cycle through the six lighting modes via the newly designed metal side switch—which also has a built-in battery level indicator. You can achieve an incredible 430 hours of runtime when using the new ECO brightness level. Compact and built-tough, the PD35 flashlight is IP68 rated; dust proof and waterproof flashlight underwater to two meters. Perfect for just about any outdoor or work activity, the PD35 is destined to be YOUR favorite light too.

For commercial orders and large purchases, contact us at (888) 775-9996 x6, or
WARNING. Be aware of counterfeit Fenix merchandise in the U.S. marketplace.

Max Lumens: 1000
Modes: 6


Fenix PD35 v2 specification chart

PD35 V2.0 Size:

Length: 5.4″ (138mm)
Body: 0.9″ (23mm)
Head: 1.0″ (25.4mm)

PD35 V2.0 Weight:

3.1 oz. (88g) weight excluding batteries

PD35 V2.0 Batteries (not included):

One rechargeable 18650 Li-ion battery or two CR123A batteries. NOTE: The PD35 will not work with flat-top 18650s.  We recommend any of the ARB-L18 series from Fenix.  The battery indicator light only functions when using the rechargeable battery.


Holster, lanyard, two spare O-rings and spare rubber switch boot


Limited Lifetime Guarantee from Fenix Lighting USA

Notice: Parameters lab tested with a Fenix ARB-L18-3500 18650 battery and may vary between flashlights, batteries and environments. *Runtime of Turbo is accumulated time when overheat protection activates.

Additional Features of the Fenix PD35 V2.0

  • Cree XP-L HI V3 LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours
  • Powered by one 18650 rechargeable Li-ion battery or two 3V CR123A Lithium batteries (not included) – the battery indicator light only functions when using the rechargeable battery.
  • Boot-up battery level indicator and low-voltage warning
  • Digitally regulated output maintains constant brightness
  • Reverse polarity protection, protects from improper battery insertion
  • Anti-roll and anti-slip body design
  • Tactical tail switch features instant activation
  • Metal side switch for output selection
  • Made of durable high-strength and oxidation-resistant 6061 aluminum
  • Premium type HAIII hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
  • Toughened ultra-clear glass lens with an anti-reflective coating


The tail switch is the tactical switch, and the side switch is the functional switch.


Slightly tap the tactical switch to momentarily turn on the light, release it the light will go out.
Fully press
Fully press the tactical switch to constantly turn on the light, press once again to turn off the light.

Output Selection

With the light switched on, single click the functional switch to cycle through Eco→Low→Med→High→Turbo.


With the light switched on, press and hold the functional switch for 0.5 seconds to enter strobe, click once again to return back to General mode.

Boot-up Battery Level Indication

Each time the light is turned on, the battery level indicator will automatically display the battery status for 3 seconds.
Green constant on: saturated
Green flashes: sufficient
Red constant on: poor
Red flashes: critical
Note: This only works on rechargeable LI-ion 18650 battery.

Battery Replacement

Unscrew the tail cap to insert the battery with the anode side (+) towards the light head, then screw the tail cap back on.

Low-voltage Warning

When the voltage level drops below 3V, the flashlight is programmed to downshift to a lower brightness level until Eco output is reached. When this happens in Eco output mode, the battery level indicator will display red and the flashlight blinks every three seconds to remind you to replace the battery. To ensure normal use, the flashlight will work until the battery runs out or
the battery over-discharging protection activates. Note: This only works on rechargeable LI-ion 18650 battery.

Intelligent Memory Circuit

The light memorizes the last selected brightness level on General mode. When turned on again the previously used brightness level will be recalled.

Intelligent Protection

The light will accumulate a lot of heat when it is working at Turbo mode. When the light is overheated up to 65°C or above, the flashlight will automatically step down a few lumens to reduce the temperature; when the temperature is lower than 65°C, the output will gradually return to Turbo output level.

Usage and Maintenance

  • Disassembling the sealed head can cause damage to the light and will void the warranty.
  • Fenix recommends using an excellent quality battery.
  • If the light will not be used for an extended period, remove the battery, or the light could be damaged by electrolyte leakage or battery explosion.
  • Unscrew the tail cap half a turn or take out the battery to prevent accidental activation during storage or transportation.
  • Long-term use can result in O-ring wear. To maintain a proper water seal, replace the ring with an approved spare.
  • Periodic cleaning of the battery contacts improves the lamp’s performance as dirty contacts may cause the lamp to flicker, shine intermittently or even fail to illuminate for the following reasons:
    • A: The battery needs replacing.
      Solution: Replace battery (Ensure battery is inserted according to the manufacturer’s specifications).
    • B: The threads, PCB board contact or other contacts are dirty.
      Solution: Clean the contact points with a cotton swab soaked in rubbing alcohol.

If the above methods don’t work, please contact your authorized distributor.


This flashlight is a high-intensity lighting device capable of causing eye damage to the user or others. Avoid shining the flashlight directly into anyone’s eyes.

176 reviews for Fenix PD35 V2.0 Flashlight

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very helpful working in a jail. The different light settings allows me to use it for different purposes between days and graves shifts.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  2. jerome sedillo (verified owner)

    I am enjoying using this light as my EDC and it has not let me down yet. i do recommend that you read closely so you know to also buy the batteries. i didn’t and it was a cost i wasn’t prepared for. all in all, it’s a good purchase, but including just one battery would make this a perfect purchase.

    1 out of 1 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  3. Ronald E. (verified owner)

    I like it – very small and very bright

    Was this review helpful to you?
  4. Stephen B. (verified owner)

    Love the quality and build of this light. It has a nice beam structure as well and only suffers in my opinion in it’s lack of the ability to stand on it’s tail.

    1 out of 1 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  5. Michael P. (verified owner)

    great light!

    Was this review helpful to you?
  6. Tom S. (verified owner)

    A quality compact lite.

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  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Product is great, our company uses them for patch/drywall work to spot imperfections in the drywall/mudding process. These are the go-to flashlight. My only problem is with the shipping. I was supposed to receive free 3 day shipping and the shipping time was more like 5-7 days.

    2 out of 2 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  8. John (verified owner)

    Ok, so far so good. I bought this light because I was destroying cheaper, made in China LED 18650 powered flashlights that I would destroy in short order. I have only used the light 2 weeks in this harsh environment, so time will tell on longevity. I bought this primarily because of the warranty and the idea that if/when it dies, fenix will stand behind their product.

    Initial (2 weeks) impressions:

    First thing to be aware of, you need button top 18650 batteries. The positive pin will not make contact with a flat top. I wish I had known up front, because I ended up having to make a second order so that I actually had batteries that would work with the light.

    It’s nice and bright. I can notice a difference in the brightness level compared to what I had been using, but the difference is not nessicarily night and day. It’s certainly bright enough that I am not disappointed with the purchase.

    The build quality is on point. The threads are nice and buttery feeling. When the oring is engaging, it gives a little resistance letting you know the seal is being made, but not so much resistance that you are afraid that you will RIP the rubber with normal use. It comes with a few spare parts including new seals and button boot for when those consumable parts wear out.

    The battery seems to last a good long time compared to how much light it produces, and it let’s you know when it is getting low, which is nice. It lasts a little longer than the Chinese lights I was using, which is pretty cool. The cricut board does seem to be more efficient with the power you feed it.

    Switching between modes with a separate button is great, allowing a soft press for light when you don’t need it on for a long time.

    The lense has so far not been dulled or hazed by the chemicals it has been exposed to which includes petroleum products (I work on a drilling rig).

    The pocket clip is nice and tight….which is great because a loose clip may as well not even be there in my opinion.

    I decided not to give it 5 out of 5 simply because 1) it will not take flat top batteries and 2) warranty claim procedure has yet to be determined……but who knows? Maybe this light will actually survive the demanding job I put it to? The other lights I have been using had a 50% chance of lasting 2 weeks at my worksite and most of the time the lense was affected by the end of 2 weeks where this one still looks and feel practically new, so I’m hopeful 🙂

    I would definitely reccomend this to a friend (and have already). The price point is very impressive all things considered (warranty, spare parts, brightness, build quality, ect).

    Was this review helpful to you?
  9. Ronald Holland (verified owner)

    This is my second PD35. The side switch is an improvement over the old rubber rectangle, but if it had a hard/raised edge it would be easier to feel. I left the pocket clip on even though I don’t use it so I could use it as a guide to find the side switch.

    This is used as a house light, not usually carried and I need to use brightness 2 or 3 to find things with, but 5 to see out in the yard.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  10. Robert H. (verified owner)

    Not as bright as I thought it would be. would like to see a magnetic charge connector like on the RC05. Love the tail switch with the side mounted output control.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  11. Nick

    First off let me say that I have had my first PD35 (version 1) flashlight since Fenix released them a while back. It has worked absolutely flawlessly. I work in a very tough environment and this flashlight gets absolutely beaten to hell every single day and it still carries on like a champion. I still have my V1 and ended up receiving the V2 as a Christmas present.
    The reason I give this review 4 stars is because somehow with the V2 update, the flashlight’s cone has become more than 50% smaller than the Version 1. Might not be a problem for many (if any) people but it is a little disappointing. The V2 has been relegated to staying at home to find things in my workshops drawers due to this change.
    It might sound silly but the V1 cone was perfect for my line of work and lit up most areas well, the V2 is technically brighter (but I almost never use the max lumen setting due to how quick the battery will drain) but now requires a lot more effort to become aware of everything in my immediate area due to having a lesser cone/splash.

    2 out of 2 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  12. Brent (verified owner)

    Pros: Small, powerful, well made, multi-function, battery level indicator, crystal clear lens, momentary on, remembers last power setting, and rugged.

    Con: Primary on/off switch extends farther than the bottom of the flashlight which allows the flashlight being turned on unintentionally. For example, when in the flashlight holder and mounted on a belt the flashlight can be activated by the seat belt latch. I’m looking for a holder that will prevent the accidental activation of the light.

    1 out of 1 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  13. Tim D. (verified owner)

    Mode changes on both my PD-35s can be flaky. After r8nn9mg strobe, intensity would not change until I held down the button for quite a long time. Otherwise good, but it’s not a Surefire, that’s for certain . . . (but not the same $$$ either . . .)

    Was this review helpful to you?
    • Dianne_G (store manager)

      Switching between strobe and general modes does take a couple of seconds holding the switch. In strobe, tapping the mode switch changes between SOS and strobe. If the switches aren’t working properly, please contact our warranty department to see if they can help determine if there is a problem with your switches.

  14. Robert V (verified owner)

    Owned a V1 prior and the V2 has better functions like battery charge indicator on the light to say the least. However the batteries are not compatible as the V2 requires button top 18650 batteries. Otherwise 5 / 5 from me

    Was this review helpful to you?

    Very obviously a lot of work went into the reflective housing design and the led chip location. The beam pattern is excellent imo.
    The light output is also excellent. Combined with fenix 3500mah batteries this flashlight is quiet impressive.

    My only gripe is the combo tail cap and side switch. Would be really nice if the tail cap could change light modes. With practice you can use the light with 1 hand – pinky on side switch. But it requires thought because the human pinky does not close up and down like the index finger or thumb. Anotomically the pinky closes at an angle toward the inside wrist. This makes you really have to concentrate or at least think about your actions one handed with thumb on tail cap.

    I also wish there was a programming pattern to remove sos, or unneeded light modes.

    Overall at close to 5oz (with battery), it’s a little thick to edc. Still an amazing light!

    Was this review helpful to you?
  16. Peter

    Excellent flashlight but could be slightly improved. Mode button on side is a bit difficult to locate and should be more tactilely prominent. I wish it were focusable.

    1 out of 1 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
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