Fenix UC35 V2.0 USB Rechargeable Flashlight-1000 Lumens

Max Lumens: 1000
Modes: 6
(361 customer reviews)

$120.00 $89.95

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The Fenix UC35 V2.0 rechargeable flashlight is the 2018 upgrade to the Fenix UC35 flashlight. Fitted with the Cree XP-L HI V3 LED, this light delivers a maximum 1000 lumens at a distance of 873 feet (266 meters). Turn the light on and off with the tactical tail switch and cycle through the six lighting modes via the newly designed metal side switch—which also has a built-in battery level indicator. You can achieve an incredible 800 hours of runtime when using the new moonlight brightness level. Compact and built-tough, the Fenix UC35 V2.0 flashlight is IP68 rated; dust proof and waterproof underwater to two meters.

2018 upgrade improvements over prior Fenix UC35:

-XP-L HI v3 LED provides greater brightness, efficiency and throw
-Improved stainless steel side switch with battery level indicator
-New body design is more compact
-Includes higher capacity 3500 mAH rechargeable battery for longer runtime
-USB port improved to charge faster and is easier to activate
-Improved waterproof and dust-proof rating (IP68)

For commercial orders and large purchases, contact us at (888) 775-9996 x6, or
WARNING. Be aware of counterfeit Fenix merchandise in the U.S. marketplace.

Max Lumens: 1000
Modes: 6


ansi chart specifications uc35 flashlight

UC35 Size:

Length: 5.5” (140mm)
Body: 0.9” (23.5mm)
Head: 1.0” (25.4mm)

UC35 Weight:

3.1 oz. (89g) weight excluding batteries

UC35 Battery:

One rechargeable 18650 Li-ion battery (included) or two CR123A batteries. NOTE: The light will not work with flat-top 18650s.  We recommend any of the ARB-L18 series from Fenix for backup or replacement.


ARB-L18-3500 Li-ion battery, Micro-USB charging cable, body clip, spare rubber switch boot, lanyard, holster, two spare O-rings


Limited Lifetime Guarantee from Fenix Lighting USA

Notice: Parameters lab tested with a Fenix ARB-L18-3500 18650 battery and may vary between flashlights, batteries and environments.

Additional Features of the Fenix UC35

  • Cree XP-L HI V3 LED, with lifespan of 50,000 hours
  • Powered by one 18650 rechargeable Li-ion battery or two 3V/CR123A Lithium batteries
  • 5V/2A Micro USB rechargeable, included 18650 rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Battery level indication and low-voltage warning function
  • Digitally regulated output maintains constant brightness
  • Reverse polarity protection to protect from improper battery insertion
  • Anti-roll and anti-slip body design
  • Tactical tail switch features instant activation
  • Functional side switch for output selection
  • Made of durable high-strength and oxidation-resistance aluminum
  • Premium type HAIII hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
  • Toughened ultra-clear glass lens with an anti-reflective coating


The tail switch is the tactical switch, and the side switch is the functional switch.


Tap the tactical switch to momentarily turn on the light; release it and the light will go out.

Fully press
Fully press the tactical switch to constantly turn on the light; press once again to turn off the light.

Output Selection

With the light switched on, single click the functional switch to cycle through Turbo→Moonlight →Eco→Low→Med→High.


With the light switched on, press and hold the functional switch for 0.5 seconds to enter strobe, click once again to return to General mode.

Boot-up Battery Level Indication

Each time the light is turned on, the battery level indicator will automatically display the battery status for 3 seconds.

  • Green constant on: saturated
  • Green flashes: sufficient
  • Red constant on: poor
  • Red flashes: critical

Note: There is no indication when CR123A battery is used.

Intelligent Memory Circuit

The light memorizes the last selected brightness level on General mode. When turned on again the previously used brightness level will be recalled.

Intelligent Protection

The light will accumulate a lot of heat when working at Turbo mode. When the light is overheated up to 60°C or above, the flashlight will automatically step down a few lumens to reduce the temperature; when the temperature is lower than 60°C the output will gradually return to Turbo output level.

Low-voltage Warning

When the voltage level drops below 3V, the flashlight is programmed to downshift to a lower brightness level until Moonlight output is reached. When this happens in Moonlight mode, the battery level indicator will flash red to remind you to replace the battery. To ensure normal use, the flashlight will work until the battery runs out or the battery over-discharging protection activates.

Note: The low-voltage warning only works with rechargeable Li-ion 18650 battery, not with disposable CR123A’s.


  1. Turn off the light. Plug the USB side of the charging cable into any USB power supply. Uncover the dust cover of the light, and plug the Micro USB side of the charging cable into the charging port of the light.
  2. The battery level indicator displays red while charging and turns to solid green when charging is complete. The normal charging time of the included Fenix ARB-L18-3500 is about 3.5 hours.
  3. Once charging is completed, be sure to remove the charging cable and replace the dust cover to protect against dust and foreign objects.
  4. Recharge a stored light every four months to maintain optimum performance of the battery.
  5. Only Low output can be used while the light is being charged, but charging time will be prolonged.

Battery Replacement

Unscrew the tail cap to insert the battery with the anode side (+) towards the light head, then screw the tail cap back on.

Usage and Maintenance

  • Disassembling the sealed head can cause damage to the light and will void the warranty.
  • Fenix recommends using an excellent quality battery.
  • If the light will not be used for an extended period, remove the battery, or the light could be damaged by electrolyte leakage or battery explosion.
  • Unscrew the tail cap half a turn or take out the battery to prevent accidental activation during storage or transportation.
  • Long-term use can result in O-ring wear. To maintain a proper water seal, replace the ring with an approved spare.
  • Periodic cleaning of the battery contacts improves the lamp’s performance as dirty contacts may cause the lamp to flicker, shine intermittently or even fail to illuminate for the following reasons:

A: The battery needs replacing.
Solution: Replace battery (Ensure battery is inserted according to the manufacturer’s specifications).

B: The threads, PCB board contact or other contacts are dirty.
Solution: Clean the contact points with a cotton swab soaked in rubbing alcohol.

If the above methods don’t work, please contact your authorized distributor. 

This flashlight is a high-intensity lighting device capable of causing eye damage to the user or others. Avoid shining the flashlight directly into anyone’s eyes.

361 reviews for Fenix UC35 V2.0 USB Rechargeable Flashlight-1000 Lumens

  1. Leroy K. (verified owner)

    Just purchased. Bright, strong, variable power. Seems great. Durable and tough feeling.

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great flashlight!

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great flashlight – really bright – and easy to change light settings

  4. Robert Westfall (verified owner)

    I bought this flashlight for work I am a aviation inspector I am nothing but surprised an impressed and highly recommend this light

  5. Mike G. (verified owner)

    Awesome flashlight!! This thing casts a very even light in every setting. Battery life is very impressive as well. Nice size and shape, easy rear switch and other features make this the perfect light. Highly recommend……..

  6. michael (verified owner)

    Excellent flashlight for our structural investigation work, very good output & long battery life per charge. I highly recommend.

  7. Mike M. (verified owner)

    Great light Site easy to use

  8. AMIR YACOUB (verified owner)

    It’s great

  9. David Weintraub (verified owner)

    Great light as advertised! Still new, but better than expected, and the rubber cover over the charging port seems to work well!

  10. Jaime Jakubczak (verified owner)

    I liked this product so much, i bought one for my boss. However, i wish i didnt have to charge it so often and the battery gets too hot. I don’t use it that much either. I am a home inspector who only uses it momentarily when inspecting dark areas. Which are far and few between.

    • Dianne

      I will have someone from warranty reach out to you about your light.

  11. chuck (verified owner)

    Awesome light, easy to use, very versatile

  12. Clay (verified owner)

    Have 5 of them. My everyday go to

  13. Mark Rush (verified owner)

    Great product !

  14. John G. (verified owner)

    A really great product, I can’t believe the amount of light this has! Use it for my morning walks to let cars know that I’m in the road.

  15. Dennis Grosskopf (verified owner)

    As always, fast shipping and great products.A++++

  16. Larry N. (verified owner)

    I now have two UC35 flashlights. Perfect size and enough light to see extremely well at night!

  17. Jeff Y. (verified owner)

    This is probably the most perfect EDC flashlight made. Key points for me are the two-button operation, moonlight mode, USB charging, the charge indicator, 1000 lumen turbo mode, and the high quality rugged construction. Thank you!

  18. PAUL (verified owner)

    Trucker approved

  19. Scott S. (verified owner)

    Great light!!!!! I use it for inspections and it’s Exactly what I needed!!!!

  20. Robert Sehl (verified owner)

    Works well, shipped fast, like much. Thanks

  21. Clay M. (verified owner)

    Love this flashlight. Fenix is a great company and stands behind its products

  22. Joe C. (verified owner)

    Fantastic light! Quality built with exceptional illumination. Highly recommend.

  23. Ely Jennis (verified owner)

    This truly deserves one star – because it works. Functionally this light is fairly useless. Generally, you buy a Tactical light and pressure switch so you can mount the light to a weapon. That’s also why Fenix’s “Tactical Lights” are compatible with pressure switches. Here’s the problem: On the Fenix “tactical light” I tried, you cant engage the strobe mode with the pressure switch. This alone would negate the function of the light but it gets worse! The cord for the pressure switch is far to short to reach the trigger assembly on a shotgun or a rifle. It’s completely useless for its intended purpose. It’s just plain useless in a home defense kit. If you want a bright flashlight you can purchase any other Fenix lights, but purchasing a Fenix Tactical light doesn’t seem like the best choice. They were clearly designed by someone who’s never even thought about a “tactical” situation. It’s unfortunate because many of the reviews neglect to mention this. Most probably buy the light as a general-purpose light. I think people just think the word “tactical” sounds cool as a styling term but in reality, it should represent the features and function of the product.

    • Dianne

      I understand you have contacted warranty to return this as it was not working for your weapons set up.

  24. Lorenzo V. (verified owner)

    Like that’s it not bulky and weighs less than the previous light I had on my belt.

  25. John Slinkard (verified owner)

    Excellent Light

  26. Glenn McGowen (verified owner)

    Bought this to go on my shotgun, works great

  27. Scott Jensen (verified owner)

    Super nice quality, best flashlight I’ve ever owned in 36 years of working
    Battery interchangeable with my fenix headlamps

  28. Scott M. (verified owner)

    This light is a beast, nice compact size, lots of light and easy to operate w/o having to read the instructions. I would recommend to all my hunting buddies.

  29. Tommy Tolliver (verified owner)

    Love it better than what I expected

  30. Ed Peterson (verified owner)

    It’s amazing the number of lighting selections and the awesome power that comes from such a small light source. Best investment I ever made.

  31. Joseph M. (verified owner)

    Best flashlight I’ve ever used.

  32. Bradley (verified owner)

    I bought one and have been carrying it for a couple years. Liked it so much, I bought two more. Just wished Fenix would make a light like this that would tail stand. This would make it more useful and would prevent it from accidentally turning on.

  33. James Bardinelli (verified owner)

    This light goes above and beyond to serve my needs as a First Responder Paramedic

  34. Lee Daavettila (verified owner)

    I love that you could plug in the charger. Great light!

  35. Chris (verified owner)

    Great compact flashlight.

  36. Polly Everett (verified owner)

    It’s a great product, I purchased this for my husband’s birthday and he is very happy with it.

  37. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great light. Exactly what I expected. Love it!.

  38. Danny Cheng (verified owner)


  39. Kyle (verified owner)

    Great flashlight. Just be careful with the nylon case. Could be more sturdier.

  40. Jason (verified owner)

    I’ve only had it a few weeks and something is wrong with the dimmer switch!

    • Dianne

      I have asked warranty to reach out to you.

  41. Bryant L. (verified owner)

    Great, long lasting flashlight.

  42. Michael S. (verified owner)

    Excellent light. Cannot say anything bad about it. Probable best balance of features and price of any light I have owned.

  43. Peter H. (verified owner)

    Great performance in a small, easy to carry flashlight.

  44. Dorothea Mastrangelo (verified owner)

    A gift for my outdoorsy son in Colorado. He loves it!

  45. Joseph Rizzo (verified owner)

    Great versatile flashlight! Just amazing brightness and power from such a compact light. Kudos to Fenix for an outstanding line of lighting products.

  46. David F. (verified owner)

    It is an excellent flashlight for the money. Far superior to what one would find in a department store or auto parts store. Worth every cent! So easy to turn on, and the rechargeable capability is wonderful. Will save a lot of money on batteries.

  47. Matt K. (verified owner)

    What an overall great light. Compact, well built and a great beam.

  48. Preston Wilhelm (verified owner)

    Great light, excellent product. Charging connection weak. Purchased same product a couple of years ago and charger quit working. Customer service even weaker or nonexistent. Called customer service several times, no one was ever available. Left message to return my call twice and never got a call back. Just wanted help with repair. Still when working, a great product.

    • Dianne

      I have contacted warranty to ask them to get in touch with you.

  49. Charles Atkinson (verified owner)

    Very good light

  50. David G. (verified owner)

    Great flashlight! It came with a rechargeable battery and micro USB cable to charge it up with. Great guarantee on it as well.

  51. John Schmuck (verified owner)

    Great compact light, polite friendly service

  52. Robert Miles (verified owner)

    Great flashlight

  53. J.V. W. (verified owner)

    It gets real dark out here in AZ away from any city lights.
    When out on a SAR (Search & Rescue) mission I need a bright, reliable handheld flashlight.
    This light fills all of the requirements.

  54. JB McCollum (verified owner)

    Incrediable light for the price. I have two one in my hunting vest and one at home, 100% best flash lights I have ever purchased.

  55. Robert Kunst (verified owner)

    really a very nice and powerful flashlight that is truly pocket sized. When I do my inspections most of the other inspectors really marvel over it

  56. Rodney (verified owner)

    The UC35 V2.0 is pure quality and the lighting is amazing! My plant inspections have been enhanced. I look forward to purchasing other Fenix products.

  57. Edward (verified owner)

    Excellent product and I love the range from 1 to 1000 lumens

  58. Joey Lehman (verified owner)

    Excellent quality excellent performance

  59. Linnie Ray (verified owner)

    Outstanding Product!!

  60. Charles Costello (verified owner)

    Great light

  61. Morris J (verified owner)

    works Great!

  62. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This high intensity flashlight does everything I need it too in a form factor that fits in with my other gear. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

  63. Julio M. (verified owner)

    wonderful and very useful

  64. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Bright as described! well built and easy charging

  65. Saul R. (verified owner)

    Nice light all together

  66. Nancy P (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing product.

  67. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Exceeds expectations.

  68. David Burnett (verified owner)

    Great light.

  69. Robert (verified owner)

    Great little light. Separate mode switch is a must. I hope I don’t lose it.

  70. tony (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this light for over a month. I ran into an issue after about three weeks where the light would come on momentarily when I pressed the back button and then turn off. I took the light apart at the two sections and put it back together again and now it works fine. The carrying case that it comes with is ok but if you’re working in some extreme environments you may want to look for a carrying case that’s a little more durable. It also comes with a metal belt clip but I don’t use it. The light is amazing, the back button has a strong click on and off that doesn’t feel cheap.

    The light has multiple levels of intensity that make it easy to adjust to the environment that your working in. From super low to blinding bright, The light uses the 18650 battery that last in incredibly long time, that’s one of the main reasons I bought it, along with the incredible amount of light it can produce. I’m pretty happy with it and don’t regret getting this light at all, I researched other lights from other manufacturers and kept coming back to this one. I would recommend this light to anyone looking for decent compact light with extreme battery life and the ability to produce an incredibly bright light.

  71. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Product is wonderful! Very satisfied with its performance. Very bright and well made. However dealing with Fenix customer service was horrible. After the item was ordered, it took more than 4 days just to get a tracking number as the item almost took a week to ship out. I will not be buying anything directly from Fenix’s website anytime soon!

    • Dianne

      Glad you love the light, but sorry you had a long delay in receiving it. In reviewing our records, the date of your order happened to occur when a massive storm hit the town where our warehouse is located, resulting in several days of power outages. I know that the weather, combined with the power outages, delayed many of our shipments both in and out of the warehouse. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience.

  72. Karl T. (verified owner)

    Very rugged, well performing light that has great battery life.
    I use this light daily and am impressed how much better it is than all the pocket lights I’ve gone through over the years.
    I’ve only had this light a few weeks and look forward to updating review the first year of use.

  73. yuanfeng hong (verified owner)

    Awesome. Love it.

  74. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Awesome flashlight.

  75. Shawn Lenahan (verified owner)

    Works well. Well made

  76. Clifford Martin (verified owner)

    Working great!!

  77. Richard G. (verified owner)

    As advertised, Bright

  78. Gavin Golub (verified owner)

    Love the light, being a brewer and having the the ability to change the strength of the light is perfect.

  79. Patrick W. (verified owner)

    Nice power and longevity in a relatively compact package. Would be slightly better if the charging port cover would stay put.

  80. Rod (verified owner)

    I received this same model from a friend, liked it so much bought another for other friend. She loves it!

  81. Anonymous (verified owner)

    What’s not to like? Dim, all the way to mega-lighting, sturdy, and rechargable to boot.

  82. Erik Cahn (verified owner)

    Great light. I am a Home Inspector. I use my flashlight all day.

  83. Peter K. (verified owner)

    One of the best light that I purchase

  84. Paul S. (verified owner)

    This is our second order of the UC35’s. We have purchased several (10-12) in total, only reason I’m giving them a three (3 star) is two of the UC35’s of my original order have already failed. We are hard on these flash lights, used daily (commercial construction). Just would have expected a longer life for a high quality brand at this price point.

    • Dianne

      Hi Paul – I have asked someone from warranty to reach out to you as that should not be happening.

  85. Greg (verified owner)

    Excellent product – better than expected. Super bright, very well made, small and convenient but powerful.

  86. Michael (verified owner)

    Great flashlight ….. just the right size (compact), 5 light settings, holds charge well, 20% discount much appreciated !

  87. David S. (verified owner)

    What a flashlight! Small, BRIGHT (when you need it), rechargeable multiple ways, durable… And beautiful. Bought 4 (one for each car and one for the house). It is my wife’s go-to flashlight also! She loves them!

  88. Miguel Carranza (verified owner)

    I bought it for my son and he loved it.

  89. VICTOR L. (verified owner)

    I have several Fenix flashlights and this is the best all around flashlight. The UC35 V2.0 has a tail switch and mode memory which is a requirement for me.
    Extremely bright, excellent construction, the flashlight exudes quality as I would expect from Fenix. This light is the same as the PD35 V2.0 but comes with an USB charging port and an ARB-L18-3500 RECHARGEABLE 18650 BATTERY.

  90. Eric (verified owner)

    This is an excellent EDC light. It is a little bigger than the previous light I carried, but still small enough to easily carry. For the size, 1,000 lumens is really impressive. The push button brightness level is a nice touch, although I primarily bought this light because it is rechargeable.

  91. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Use this at work battery life better than expected. Seems very durable.

  92. Phillip T. (verified owner)

    Love this light. I carry at work and the brightness settings work great. I really like the charging port on the light itself vs the older model I have. Can’t miss with this one. Very please.

  93. Jose (verified owner)

    Best flashlight I’ve bought so far great job

  94. Sean H. (verified owner)

    Awesome product! It’s worth every Pennie. Highly recommend!!

  95. Jeremy Lee (verified owner)

    Best flashlight EVER!!!!!!!!!!

  96. John E. (verified owner)

    Very nice size for a flashlight and a real powerhouse. I knew the dimensions before ordering, but it felt smaller in the hand. The angle of the light beam projected is just right. I was impressed with the amount of light and the quality of light the flashlight throws. Thanks Fenix! got the flashlight shipped out quickly (The same day!)

  97. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Solidly built, really bright, and rechargeable.

  98. Jay Z. (verified owner)

    Awesome light

  99. Justin

    I have had my UC35 V2 for 10 months now. When it works its a great light. after a month I had problem with it not powering on without unscrewing the back of the light and screwing it back. Support said the battery was from a bad batch. new battery worked great. a few months later the button fell off. I called again this time they sent be a new core. that worked great again. now I use this light every day for work and home. yesterday it would not power up except for a faint strobing light. I contacted support a 3rd time. now they are sending me a new light. Fenix does have great support people but I am not sure I will ever purchase another Fenix light. I guess Ill see how long this light lasts.

  100. Brian S. (verified owner)

    Worth it!!

  101. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great light

  102. Alan (verified owner)

    Great unit all I need in a great little package. intuitive operation

  103. Randall Bradford (verified owner)

    Great light for a small package

  104. Christopher Brinegar (verified owner)

    Excellent brightness. Recharged quickly and easily. Fits in my pocket with no problem. Great purchase!

  105. RANDOLPH M. (verified owner)

    They work great

  106. Derek C. (verified owner)


  107. Danny Martinez (verified owner)


  108. Rob F. (verified owner)

    Very pleased with it nice light

  109. Sergey Bikowsky (verified owner)

    Battery died after flashlight fell from 3ft. on the floor

    • Dianne

      I will have someone from warranty contact you.

  110. Joe (verified owner)

    Awesome flashlight!

  111. Charles M. (verified owner)


  112. Kevin (verified owner)

    Light is great but the holster lasted 1 week!

  113. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This flashlight is great! A good flashlight is a mechanics best friend…. Can also be used as a hand warmer in turbo mode! Does heat up pretty good but does put out a lot of light.

  114. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Better than I could have hoped for.

  115. Vincent Santa (verified owner)

    Light stopped working 2 weeks after purchased.

    • Dianne

      Hi Vincent – I will have someone from Warranty reach out to you.

  116. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very nice light. Would be a 5 if beam spread was adjustable

  117. Stephen Fisher (verified owner)

    Great light

  118. Gregory S. (verified owner)

    Light weight, quick charging, and VERY bright! I love everything about the UC35 V2.0!

  119. Antoine Zeigler (verified owner)

    It’s really nice

  120. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I am very happy with my Fenix UC35. I would suggest developing a more substantial carrying case, perhaps one made of Kydex with a good belt clip

  121. GARY BROOKS (verified owner)

    I had a Fenix before and love it so I had to orde me another one for work and use my older on at home.

  122. Gregory S. (verified owner)

    Battery would not hold a charge. Had to mail battery to warranty department, before I could get a replacement battery. That’s a lot of trouble to put a good customer like I am, I own several of your flashlights.
    Still haven’t received battery. Flashlight dead!

    • Dianne

      Looks like there was miscommunication in warranty with someone asking you to send in the battery first, and I’m sorry that happened.

  123. Charles Montgomery (verified owner)

    It is a little expensive but a quality product
    Hopefully it lasts a long time.

  124. Jose Leos (verified owner)

    Best flashlight ever have!

  125. Kevin

    I had high hopes for this flashlight, but it’s real-life performance is not without issues. First of all, it’s great that it’s rechargeable, but that little rubber flap covering the port is not well-designed — after just a two months of weekly use, it no longer closes properly, and I expect it will soon break off, leaving the port exposed to dirt and dust. Also, the cord’s charging plug should’ve been made “reversible design” to fit the port without having to put one side up or down — trying to correctly fit that 1 cm tab into its 1 cm slot while pushing the rubber flap out of the way is surprisingly tricky! Secondly, when the charge gets low, the flashlight automatically reduces its power regardless of the setting you select — you put it up, it goes down, you put it up, it goes down — very frustrating. Thirdly, the button that adjusts the power-level should be more tactile, and easier to find blind — the texture of the ring around that area makes it challenging to locate the button quickly. Other than these design flaws, yes, it’s very bright — often too bright at the highest setting! And too big a step-increase between the first and second setting — if you’re working with or near reflective surfaces, sometimes, less is more — and super-bright can be blinding. All in all, this flashlight was expensive for what it delivers.

  126. Stephen (verified owner)

    Little Expensive, but high quality!!

  127. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Is very helpful tool

  128. Jeff S. (verified owner)

    Simply the best flashlight I have ever owned. Period! Won’t buy another cheapo again.

  129. Weston P. (verified owner)

    I think this flashlight with1000 lumens is perfect for what I needed to do at work. However I gave it a 4 rating because I would like to see this flashlight have a zoom in and zoom out on the stream of light itself. Other than that I work nights and it does everything I needed to do, it’s a solid flashlight. I love the fact that I could charge this flashlight via USB that is the best feature.

  130. Melissa A. (verified owner)

    Best flashlight ever

  131. Sonny Brown (verified owner)

    Awesome light. Love it…

  132. Tristin W. (verified owner)

    This is one of the best lights I have ever carried. I will never leave home without it.

  133. John H. (verified owner)

    Great size, very happy I chose the rechargeable version. Works on high power all day, and just plug it in at night.

  134. Barry Bishop (verified owner)

    I have been around flashlights all my life–my father worked in management in two companies that made lights and batteries. This Fenix is the best light I have owned. It may be that there are better ones, but for standard consumer use I have not encountered them. I like it that I need not cycle through all the settings to return to the last used. I have used the moon setting and find it useful to leave that set at default. But there is real power when and if I need it. And I like the battery indicator feature. The small size also is a plus (compared to those lights of old).

  135. Leandro (verified owner)

    Awesome performance and reliability! Worked with it after a strenuous shift and never gave a hint of hesitation! Far better than all other overpriced ‘big name’ makers

  136. Jonathan Benedict (verified owner)

    Only flashlight you will need.

  137. Andrew (verified owner)

    This is probably the best value around. Very high quality flashlight. The beam is a perfect mix of flood and spot. Really lights up the night!

  138. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I am pretty much a light freek. I love headlamps and flashlights and am constantly looking for a new one. I purchased the fenix uc35 v2.0 a few weeks ago definitely the most expensive light I have purchased and am very pleased with it. Very compact, bright , light, love the settings and very good battery life, solid made. I have tried many different brands and FENIX is definitely the best quality I have found. USB
    is the best I can’t wait to get a rechargeable headlamp thanks FENIX!!!!!!!!!!!

  139. John Loud (verified owner)

    Works great, lasts a long time per charge, light intensity choices are great, stands up to harsh environment

  140. Ken S. (verified owner)

    Well built flashlight worth the money.

  141. Francisco (verified owner)

    I love it, really good and bright light

  142. Pat (verified owner)

    Great flashlight

  143. Eric L. (verified owner)

    Very good bang for your buck, durable, small enough to comfortably carry in your front pocket (the metal clip makes that easy). It has a focused beam that is relatively small at close distances (not a good or bad thing necessarily, just depends on your application) with accompanying flood lighting. Love that I do not have to cycle through the settings every time I turn it on. It turns on at your previous output setting.

  144. Denise (verified owner)

    I love the flashlight, but after charging it the battery would loose its charge. Had to replace it within a week.

    • Dianne

      Hi Denise – sounds like a bad battery – I’ll have warranty reach out to you.

  145. Dru Harmes (verified owner)

    This is my 3rd purchase from Fenix, very pleased with the products. Definitely a quality flashlights, something as a union Boilermaker working in power plants is a must.

  146. Ronald F. (verified owner)

    A very good light. Love the on off with set button.

  147. Todd Boucher (verified owner)

    Very nice flashlight! Bright and easy to carry. Works great.

  148. Joseph B. (verified owner)

    best flashlight on the market for the price.

  149. DCSO Administration (verified owner)

    Great lights so far, a lot of power in a small package

  150. David B. (verified owner)

    The UC35 is a great flashlight, just as bright as the UC30 I have used for some time. The addition of a tail switch adds functionality. The brightness level button is a bit more difficult to find in the dark than the one on the UC30. I am trying aligning the pocket clip with the button to give a reference point. The rubber USB port cover is more difficult to close and seal properly. The cover on the UC30 is better, in my opinion. Aside from these issues, I am pleased with the light.

  151. Daniel ONeil (verified owner)

    Yes, great torch !!!

  152. Thomas Lee (verified owner)

    Light is awesome carry case could be a little better quality for the price

  153. Edmund Christensen (verified owner)

    Wonderful light. It’s nice it’s USB rechargeable and it tells you the battery condition. Love it

  154. Danny D. (verified owner)

    Best Flashlight that I have ever used. Very satisfied with it..

  155. Michael (verified owner)

    Love it super bright , built tough , light weight , and battery lasts forever best investment I have ever done. Definitely will be getting more products here.

  156. Michael R. (verified owner)

    Fenix has always provided excellent products. This one is awesome.

  157. Marbledale Plumbing & L.L.C. (verified owner)

    Great product. Good warranty service. Definitely recommend the products

  158. Philip E. (verified owner)

    Easy to use, sturdy, bright, compact.

  159. Karl R. (verified owner)

    Outstanding flashlight. Solid construction and powerful light.

  160. Ashley S. (verified owner)

    Bought less than a month ago and worked great up until yesterday. Now it is not turning on 99 percent of the time and I have to take the battery out and put it back in and sometimes it will turn back on with that. Loved it at first but disappointed now

    • Dianne

      I will have someone from warranty contact you.

  161. Mark Sondergard (verified owner)

    Love it

  162. Gary Harrison (verified owner)

    Awesome light, just wish i had bought it before the Nitecore

  163. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great battery life and a powerful light.

  164. Randal Brown (verified owner)

    This light is great! Light weight, small frame and the optional brightness is great. I use the lowest setting for writing reports, medium settings on traffic stops and searching cars and the brightest to check perimeter. Definitely recommend this light. Battery lasts a long time between charges.

  165. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great Light

  166. David Hopkins (verified owner)

    I knew what I was buying so will not give this sweet light anything less then a 5, I only wish the beam was adjustable, maybe the 3.0 version. Hint Hint.

  167. Roberto H. (verified owner)

    Outstanding flashlight. Extremely bright for its size.

  168. Theodore K. (verified owner)

    Very Powerfull!

  169. Logan I. (verified owner)

    Really nice

  170. James

    Worked great first few weeks. Now only comes on (very dim) if on charger battery shows green but once unplugged does not work at all have cleaned and checked all connections

    • Dianne

      I will have someone from warranty contact you.

  171. Allen Eash (verified owner)

    Have other Fenix lights and love them but am frustrated with this unit most of the time when you turn it on you have to losses and retighten switch cap for light to come on

    • Dianne

      I will have someone from warranty contact you.

  172. Ivan D. (verified owner)

    Great flashlight – works really well.

  173. will barnes (verified owner)

    great little light. Powerful light output with lasting battery life

  174. mike g. (verified owner)

    I like how long the battery lasts, compared to my other Fenix flashlight with the 2600 in it.

  175. Jeffrey Obermeyer (verified owner)

    Awesome light. Only gripe I have is the distance of throw this light has. The Nitecore P12GT has a 320 meter throw. The Nightcore also has a better pocket clip. There pocket clip allows the flashlight to ride lower in the pocket

  176. Rick (verified owner)

    Well built light and no problems so far. Super bright. The belt pouch could be a little better though. It’s already showing wear marks after a couple weeks. Also USB charger port cover is way to tight and nearly impossible to perfectly close.

  177. Cathy (verified owner)

    Best flashlight EVER!!

  178. Dan

    Worked great and funtioned well until i droped it at chest height onto carpet and now i have to keep unscrewing the cap to get it to work and it also shuts off randomly as well

    • Dianne

      Hi Dan – I will have someone from warranty contact you about this.

  179. KEVIN L. (verified owner)

    Very powerful, love the tail switch and range of lumen choices – one of the best lights I’ve ever owned. Highly recommend these over any other brand.

  180. Joseph (verified owner)

    Good light. very light weight for pocket carry.

    CONS: the selector for the modes is a bit hard to find by feel alone. should be more of a stub sticking out. also near impossible to change modes with heavy gloves on. PLEASE FIX THIS IN NEXT EDITION.

    WANTS: Perhaps a sacrificial cover to place over the lens for those of us that use during maintenance etc. scratched lens is not possible to just change out. Also perhaps a version with adjustable spot to flood. This light is more beam centric/spot than most other lights in its class.

    • Dianne

      Hi Joseph – one way to locate the switch is to turn the belt clip so that it lines up with the side button.

  181. Travis Kimrey (verified owner)

    Great light! Very bright

  182. Wendell (verified owner)

    Right pricy but really bright. The dark runs from it.

  183. Paul D. (verified owner)

    Incredibly bright for such a small light. Very well built.

  184. Evan G. (verified owner)

    This is an excellent flashlight, 100%.

  185. Roman (verified owner)

    Good service. Good product. But The full mode in light isn’t holding for as long as factory suggests. 1000 lumens are getting dimmed after 4-5 minutes of use even with fully recharged battery.

    • Dianne

      I will have someone from warranty contact you.

  186. Blake W. (verified owner)

    It’s bright

  187. Wayne D. (verified owner)

    Gave as a gift to my brother and he loves it.

  188. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Best flash light I’ve ever owned

  189. John (verified owner)

    Light after being on for a short period of time gets extremely hot “not safe”

  190. Janet D. (verified owner)

    This was a gift for my son, he is an engineer and loves it for smaller size, but not compromised light.

  191. Danny H. (verified owner)

    This flashlight is amazing, portable, and extremely bright! I am glad to have it.

  192. Paul H. (verified owner)

    Great flashlight once troubleshooting and everything tightened up. For almost $100 I expect it to work out of the box. The first hour or so I was ready to return. Intermittent light. No light.
    Regardless of what charger says give it multiple hours. Tighten all pieces.

  193. Gregory (verified owner)

    Best Flash Light Ever
    Small, compact, super bright and perfect for any industry! If you need a flash light its the one you want!

  194. Jeffrey Einkorn (verified owner)

    Best pocket flashlight I’ve ever owned. I had the PD35 with a rechargeable battery and after a few years of daily use the light finally went out. I’m glad to see they now make the UC35 with a built in charging port. Although it takes more then 3 hours to charge from dead as stated in the directions, it is still worth the money. Only change I don’t like is the function selection button. The flat metal button feels just like the rest of the flashlight now which makes it really hard to find by feel. It needs a texture or something that can be found by feel alone. But I won’t compromise with any other LED flashlight that needs to be hit or taped on something to get the light to quit shorting out. My wife similar got me an off brand, but I told her I didn’t want anything different then what I had. The 1000 lumens alternating emergency strobe is awesome in cases of roadside or on road accidents to grab peoples attention. Even had an arriving officer want my PD35. And the new 1 lumen to 1000 lumen selection goes even dimmer then the older version for times when you need light but don’t want to wake anyone, and brighter then any however million candle watt spotlight I’ve ever owned. I will continue to refer people to them and be a repeat buyer myself as long as they continue making high quality products like this.

    • Dianne

      Hi Jeffrey! One trick that might help to quickly locate the function button on the side is to rotate the body clip on the light so that it lines up with the function button – just a small way to know where the button is in the dark or when grabbing it quickly.

  195. John B. (verified owner)

    Bought for use on a bike to replace an older model (E16 as I recall). This unit is much better because it is rechargeable and more importantly, a better, brighter more even beam. I can use on the second lowest setting and it works well giving me a long tome between rides but have not been able to test the time between recharges – I expect the published data to be correct of very close to actual use.. Two distinct beams. The center beam is bright and very even. The second beam is larger and a bit dimmer but still very even light. The center of the first beam is set about 15 yards ahead and is good for my riding speed (15-18mph) and is good for total darkness and when street lights are available. Width of the first beam is about 6 feet wide at 15 yards in front of me. Second beam provides a wider path (maybe 5 years width at 10 ft in front of me) adjacent to my tire’s path so I know the surrounding conditions.

  196. Anonymous (verified owner)

    You can’t beat this company’s lights. Bought a single light and have now purchased something like 10 lights in a few of different models….
    a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS to all on the receiving end of things.

  197. Chris Stackfleth (verified owner)

    Great light, LOUSY web site for registering the light’s warranty!

    • Dianne

      Unfortunately the factory website has had problems with registration, however, when you buy through us you are pre-registered through your serial number.

  198. John G. (verified owner)

    It’s an amazing light for its size! I keep this on my jacket pocket. Very powerful for its size. I’m a bit of a flashlight nut, I don’t tolerate the I adequate.

  199. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very cool! Super pleased with my Christmas gift to myself! Great output, size and value. The fact that it’s rechargeable is even better! Exactly as promised!

  200. Hayden H. (verified owner)

    Amazing value for the price and very very bright

  201. Svetoslav B. (verified owner)

    First impression wasn’t very good – pushing the output selection switch would cause mad flickering and the light would stay at its lowest level. Later on, the switch somehow fixed itself and it now works, but I am concerned that this is going to be a repeat issue and is a symptom of cheap electronics (something I have seen before with a $3-LED flashlight from a local store).
    The output selection switch is hard to find in the dark, especially with gloves on, and is not practical at all.
    My other concern is with the rubber cover for the USB connector. I fear that it would deteriorate over time as it normally happens with rubber-made stuff.
    The Turbo mode doesn’t seem 3x brighter than the High mode so I wonder if the specs are accurate.

    • Dianne

      Hopefully the flickering doesn’t occur again – typically that only happens initially before a full charge of the battery. So I would make sure the battery has a full charge, but if the issue seems occurs again with a full charge, please contact the warranty/repair department for help.

  202. Mike H. (verified owner)

    Really like this light. Well made and easy to operate due to it’s tail switch. Recommended.

  203. Edward S. (verified owner)

    Having quite a few of the V1 version of these, they hold up well. The new version is slightly smaller and brighter. I continue to outfit my teams with these lights.

  204. David (verified owner)

    Best flashlight I have ever owned.

  205. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Bought for my wife’s holdall. Again instruction leaflet hard to read.

  206. Garry Cummins (verified owner)

    Quality Product

  207. Karen Grantham (verified owner)


  208. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Awesome light

  209. Andrew Woodson (verified owner)

    Rubber for usb cover doesnt close

    • Dianne_G

      Sorry to hear that – I will have someone from our warranty department contact you.

  210. Jaco van Rensburg (verified owner)

    Great product ! Liked it so much, I purchased 2 more as Xmas gifts

  211. Jonathan Clark (verified owner)

    I truly loved this flashlight! I carry it everyday I go to work and use it daily, that is for the first two months. All of a sudden yesterday it quit working. Won’t even charge. Very disappointed in the longevity of this expensive flashlight.

    • Dianne @Fenix

      Sorry to hear that happened Jonathan. I’ll have someone in warranty email you.

  212. Kathy Malone (verified owner)

    Absolutely love it.

  213. armando C. (verified owner)

    very nice flash light, bright and some nice features, only complain is that is made in china, but it is a very well made flashlight

  214. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Unfortunately my flashlight was giving me trouble as it would show half charged after being taken off the charger and turned on. And the modes flickered ehen selected with the full battery. Even one of the replacement batteries did not fix the flickering. Finally got another light at REI and it was OK, so now I have a functioning light. Love the throw, but I would love a more floody small flashlight as well.

  215. Jose (verified owner)

    Super bright

  216. M Paul (verified owner)

    Great power love the quality

  217. Robert (verified owner)

    Incredible flashlight. Extremely bright and nice to have the different levels of brightness. I probably should have opted for both instead of one, to have the rechargeable feature but i’ll just use the rechargeable one to charge both batteries. It’s amazing for such a small flashlight to have the power it has

  218. Ralph Mendoza (verified owner)

    worked great for a few days.. now randomly jus shuts off, and charge light is red only bout a min.. even though battery is obviously not fully charged

    • Dianne_G

      Sorry to hear that Ralph – I will have Colt in Warranty get in touch with you to help.

  219. Kelvin (verified owner)

    Very nice and solid little flashlight. I don’t know if the lumen output(s) equals the purported ratings but it is VERY bright at its higher settings. USB charging is very handy. Would be better if Fenix designed this with an option for a secure cradle mount charging contacts for the vehicle and a USB charging port for other location charging versatility. Fits in the pocket very well. 5 stars because it does what it says it will do very well.

  220. Erica P. (verified owner)

    Love the brightness of this flashlight. Shape and size are comfortable in my hand. Buttons aren’t intuitive at first but I have figured it out now.

  221. Kelly (verified owner)


  222. Andy G. (verified owner)

    Love it! Best light out there

  223. Nick (verified owner)

    I LOVE IT!! I’m involved in Play Productions and the Moonlight mode is more then PERFECT for what I need to do. Be it fixing a cable or reading the script to find out when actors come off stage so I can fix their mic, it’s even better Because I can shine the flashlight in their eyes and it won’t blind them!! And then the obvious option of having a bright light helps a lot as well!! I love it! This is my second flashlight from Fenix and I wouldn’t choose anything else!

  224. Norman B. (verified owner)

    Great flashlight! Purchased several weeks ago for travel, to include in my roll-aboard, the UC-35 v2.0 flashlight fits my need for a light that has low power (“moonlight” mode) for red-eye flights, as well as multiple power levels up to 1000 lumens for use at my destination, when out and about, work, or hobby usage. Very Good quality, reasonable price. Thanks, Fenix.

  225. cheryl schiller (verified owner)

    I love my flashlight. Its really bright and I can use it to see far away.

  226. Daniel (verified owner)

    Great build quality and functionality. Everyone in the family uses the light and wants to keep it for themselves which has never happened with a flashlight.

  227. Robert Marshall (verified owner)

    Had some issues with first 2 sent to me. Fenix customer service was very accommodating. The 3rd one works excellent! Everything that I wanted in a compact flashlight. Turbo brightness setting is amazing!

  228. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great product

  229. Thomas Moran (verified owner)

    Battery indicator button popped off after 1 month. I cant use the strobe function anymore.

    • Dianne_G

      Sorry to hear that – I’ve asked Colt in warranty to get in touch with you to help you on that.

  230. Gary Carter (verified owner)

    I have purchased 4 of these flashlights. One lasted about 8 months and fell out of my pocket while sitting on a bucket, now does not work. The other one the mode button fell out which they did replace. The next one just stopped working and sometimes does go on but wont shut off. The last one I have not taken out of the box yet. Two of them were Christmas presents. I guess I am going to be the Grinch.

    • Dianne_G

      Hi Gary – look for a message from Colt in warranty to help out on this.

  231. David S. (verified owner)

    Awesome light…well worth the price!!

  232. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This is one solid flashlight that is quality built! Unfortunately I had already bought some of the other expensive leading brands (Streamlight, Surefire, etc) and each had their quality or option issues and a friend told me about Fenix and this is my new go to brand!!! I have bought several for work, home and every day carry. Not cheap but extremely reliable and I anticipate these will last a very long time.

  233. Jason Martin (verified owner)

    Great product…bright, well built

  234. Timothy Sutorus (verified owner)

    VERY bright, reliable light source. It’s my go-to for a zero fail flashlight. Lasts for a long time, easily rechargeable via USB. Can’t beat the quality, Fenix IS the bar.

  235. Jeff N. (verified owner)

    Love the size. It’s almost like having a mini mag flashlight in your pocket. The run time is amazing, even on the highest setting and recharges fairly quickly.

  236. Michael Ransome (verified owner)

    Great light. This is my second one. Easy to carry and use.

  237. Ronald (verified owner)

    Love it. Really bright flashlight

  238. Geoffrey Miller (verified owner)

    Great light and is plenty bright

  239. Anonymous (verified owner)

    What can I say? A brilliant light, solid in it’s construction. I use mine on the job, every day. Never fails. I don’t go anywhere without my Fenix and my Leatherman.
    Literally, my EDC kit. If you’re a casual user, it may be a bit much for you, but if you’re a professional that needs ‘no excuses, no days off’ performance, this product was built for you.

  240. Anonymous (verified owner)

    love it

  241. Lloyd Hayes (verified owner)

    Great light!!

  242. Karl (verified owner)

    Great light

  243. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The charge indicator takes the cake.

  244. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I really have no other experience with this type of flashlight. I bought on for use when I fly. The Challenger 300 is a large enough aircraft that conventional flashlights just don’t have enough punch to get the preflight checks done, especially in daylight. This light has a concentrated beam with a bit of surrounding spill that works perfectly. The selection of brightness is simple and useful. The strobe might be useful while traveling without firearms. The run time is much greater than I am used to with conventional battery lights. I liked the light so much I bought another for every day carry and one for the buddy I fly with on a regular basis. He is flabbergasted with his light! Thinking of picking up a few more for friends and to ha e soke around the house and shop 😉

  245. Nathaniel Jones (verified owner)

    Great light!

  246. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Charger does not work

    • Dianne_G

      Sorry to hear that – I will have someone from our warranty and repair department contact you to help.

  247. Jeremiah Prunty (verified owner)

    Love this light! It is as advertised and perfect for my needs. Highest setting gets hot quick, but produces massive amount of light.

  248. Holly (verified owner)

    I love the size, ease of charge, variation of settings, and brilliance of light. Wonderful product that I highly recommend!

  249. Renato G. (verified owner)

    Great product.

  250. Mike Lee (verified owner)

    Awesome product. Cant wait to order another one

  251. Lee (verified owner)

    Great product, price and customer service The Apple of Led lights.

  252. Nelson A. (verified owner)

    As a home inspector and mechanic this is my favorite light by far with the settings, battery life, and perfect EDC light (for me personally) that fits in the palm of my hand. 11/10 Would recommend!

  253. Brian B. (verified owner)

    This is a very nice light. Functions well and compact enough to carry daily. I gave a 4 as I do think it is a bit over priced but bought it anyway.

  254. Mollie (verified owner)

    So far so good

  255. Douglas Bowerman (verified owner)

    I’ve had this light on my hip for about 2 weeks now using the included belt holster. Each level of brightness is useful, and has been used. The size is perfect.
    If I can’t see it is hard to index to the output selector button. I moved the clip to underneath to assist finding the output selector button. There are grooves on the body that can help index too.
    The tail button is longer than the guard so you cannot stand it up.
    An odd this is I charged for more than 4 hours and the led was still red. I tried the Samsung phone charger and an Anker intelligent iQ charger. So I don’t trust if I’m getting a full charge. I may get external charger.

    • Dianne_G

      We will have someone from our warranty department contact you about the charging LED to see what’s going on.

  256. William Heintz (verified owner)

    I have tried a few other lights but nothing compares to the Fenix products. I will continue to buy Fenix as you make great products. Sincerely – William Heintz

  257. jerry Martin (verified owner)

    I love the size and power

  258. David (verified owner)

    Great flashlight! I really like the adjustable lumens feature. I use the flashlight for law enforcement duties. Every bit as good of a flashlight as stream light….

  259. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Fenix hasn’t failed yet

  260. Samuel A. (verified owner)

    Fast shipping, box was well treated, and light is awesome! Super bright and compact. It’s badass!

  261. Stephen G (verified owner)

    Brighter light than my Surefire one for much less money and it’s rechargeable. Love it.

  262. Gary M. (verified owner)

    Worked as expected. Great qulity.

  263. Josh (verified owner)

    Small and bright with a nice indicator light on the side that tells you the charge level. Great for recreational use. The little smooth side button is hard to find and is frustrating to adjust brightness in the dark. Not tactical.
    If it had a better design, to locate the side button by feel, it would be the perfect small light. Nice and durable and, other than the side button, I like the design. Recharging it is easy and convenient!

  264. Leonard Kaufmann (verified owner)

    Light turns back on at same level as when turned off. A real plus. Bright little sucker.

  265. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great light, like the multiple setting and capability to use regular batteries. Just make sure you use a USB charger with enough wattage to get a full charge.

  266. David Rose (verified owner)

    Good light

  267. randall kaplan (verified owner)

    Very pleased. Just what i was looking for.

  268. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Well built, solid product. Everything I thought it would be.

  269. Pathum R. (verified owner)

    Hands down best flashlight ever!!

  270. Craig Emmerick (verified owner)

    Great light will worth the money

  271. Aaron Ihander (verified owner)

    Excellent customer service, excellent light. I now own three Fenix flashlights. Worth every penny!

  272. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Good product so far

  273. Steven C. (verified owner)

    Great light, will buy another soon!

  274. Cody Batten (verified owner)

    Good light everything that I wanted and more.

  275. Hamilton Campbell (verified owner)

    Fantastic flashlight

  276. Henry S. (verified owner)

    Nice light

  277. Richard (verified owner)

    Great everyday light!

  278. Ryan M. (verified owner)

    Great flashlight.

  279. Aaron Smith (verified owner)

    Great flashlight I also have a couple other models , Fenix is the best light I have used.

  280. Scott Wimberly (verified owner)

    Great product! Great service!

  281. David (verified owner)

    Absolutely love it. Thought it might be a little big for EDC. Nope, just right!!!!

  282. T. F. (verified owner)

    Soon after receiving this UC35, I went on an extended backpacking trip in the canyon country of Southern Utah. It was used every night and banged-up pretty well while crawling through some caves and boulders. However, the light worked flawlessly and held a strong charge for the duration of the trip. So far, I have been impressed with the quality and reliability of this light.

  283. Scott Allen (verified owner)

    Excellent light

  284. Adam K. (verified owner)

    As bright as a car’s high beam, easily carried, and charges quickly. It does get hot quickly on the “turbo” setting, but not too hot to hold with a bare hand. This is my second one. I got V2 for the smaller size. V1 survived numerous drops and falls and being soaking wet.

  285. jake f. (verified owner)

    I had the LD20 for 6 years and a million drops off the ladder and it still worked. Finally the modes gave out so I upgraded to this one and the performance is amazing. I love that the on/off switch is separate from the mode switch. This light is super bright for a pocket light and the included 18650 cell is worth the price for this model and lasts a long time.

  286. walter Johnson (verified owner)

    very good light

  287. Joe Butler (verified owner)


  288. Richard Singer (verified owner)

    The light is very good, very bright, but the killer idea is that the on-off switch is separate from the power controls. When I use my other flashlights the power changes every time I turn it on and off. With this flashlight I set the power level and the separate on-off switch gives me the correct power every time I activate it.

  289. Craig Emmerick

    Great light very bright will worth the money I’m buying two more for my brothers

  290. JamesNYC

    High is 25% weaker than the PD35 UE from 2014 of 460lm!

    So less usable at high, and can claim 40 lm more for Turbo which is limited to a few minutes!

    High should be more like 600lm. So the upgrade here is more about marketing 1000 lm rather than an improved flashlight.


  291. Jeffery Huggins (verified owner)

    The best and brightest flashlight I’ve ever owned. I’ve had it for about a month now and I’ve only charged the battery once with daily use.

  292. Robert Butler (verified owner)

    Powerful light and the battery charge lasts me about 5 days.Very satisfied.

  293. Berry C. (verified owner)

    Brightest light I’ve ever had.

  294. Frank B. (verified owner)

    Flashlight is a bit larger than I expected but is very well made. The dispersion of the beam and the color rendition are very good.

    The UI for the strobe is terrible. It requires you to turn on the light from the tail switch and then press and hold the SMALL switch on the side for a second or two to activate the strobe mode. Not very practical for a self-defense strobe feature. Too bad they couldn’t (or didn’t) enable the strobe to operate by pressing AND HOLDING the tail cap button in for, say, 2 seconds. This would keep the strobe mode active until the tail cap switch was depressed again.

    I am also a bit leery of the long-term life-span of the rubber seal around the charging port. Time will tell.

    The holster for this light is the cheapest and flimsiest of all of the flashlight holsters I have ever owned. Additionally, with a light this long, it’s a bit uncomfortable when sitting down. A horizontal carry option would be more comfortable. I have actually done this with a couple of strips of double-sided velcro.

  295. steven gonzales (verified owner)

    Awesome light better than I thought

  296. Thomas (verified owner)

    Really like the setting memory, compact size, and all in one package (light, battery, charger, holder).

  297. Shane M. (verified owner)

    Great light. Use for maintenance work, and edc. Bright, lasts long.

  298. Michael V. (verified owner)

    This light is powerful bright, and very well made!

  299. Justin D. (verified owner)

    This is an extremely bright flashlight. The right size also.

  300. Bill Magoon (verified owner)

    A very impressive flashlight for it’s size! I am quite pleased with this product

  301. Doug F. (verified owner)

    Great tool – well built, many options and easy to use.

  302. Jim C. (verified owner)

    Great product. A little disappointed my order was delayed for some reason. Once Fenix was made aware of the situation, it was remedied quickly. The light itself is awesome!

  303. Anonymous (verified owner)

    WHAT AN AWESOME FLASHLIGHT! Use it everyday and don’t have any complaints.

  304. RAFAEL A VEGA (verified owner)

    As a first time customer, I was leary of pulling the trigger on what I believed to be a very “expensive ” flashlight. I was introduced to FENIX by one of my buds
    who’s more knowledgeable on these specialty items and, recommended the company. I purchased the UC35 V2 1K LUMEN, and upon a quick arrival I was
    pleasantly surprised at the quality and performance of this fine compact flashlight!
    After scrutiny, I was very impressed at the build quality and excellent features of the UC35 and unfortunately, so did my wife who used the law of Eminent Domain to declare this flashlight perfect for HER CAR!
    Well, you guessed it, I had to order a second one. And, as the old adage goes,
    Happy Wife, happy life!

  305. Alberto V. (verified owner)

    First flashlight that I have bought from Fenix and it has met my expectations!

  306. Steven C. (verified owner)

    Fantastic torch!

  307. Clay (verified owner)

    Love this light!

  308. Richard S. (verified owner)

    Love this flashlight. Small and powerful.

  309. Brandon (verified owner)

    With so many settings, u get the right light for every need. Easy to charge, can charge anywhere with the USB port. Won’t roll off table. Great light.

  310. Tony (verified owner)

    This flashlight is everything I expected and a very good value. It is a well thought out product with great features.

  311. Jim R. (verified owner)

    Works great. Real test will be coming this winter in the cold and dark.. This light is a little better than my UC 30.

  312. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Wish I had bought the belt clip, too!

  313. Gene (verified owner)

    Thoughtfully designed, sturdy and well made. Functioned as advertised. The two-button control is excellent & is one of the main reasons why I bought it. This flashlight replaces an annoying single-button design by a different manufacturer. As a potential upside, the option to adjust the focus more sharply would add to the overall appeal, which is still high without it. Very satisfied.

  314. Krista Mills (verified owner)

    I LOVE my Fenix!!! I use it in the garden at night, it’s so powerful and small.

  315. Josh M. (verified owner)

    Charge doesn’t last very long at all so far

  316. JOHN FOLDS (verified owner)

    Best and brightest flashlight made

  317. Stu W. (verified owner)

    I like the ease of use and pocket size.

  318. Edward (verified owner)

    it’s a decent light, but not great to me. the two brightest setting (1000 and 350) still not last long enough for me, the next one around 100 lumen is not bright enough for running on moderate technical trails. I need a light 1) compact 2) bright enough like 350 lumen 3) last for a whole night.

  319. Gary (verified owner)

    Love the difference mode it has to adjust the light. Light weight. Battery seem to last a long time before charging it back up. One thing I died notice it does get warm when your on full power. Good flash light. Recommend to buy.

  320. Thomas Barker (verified owner)

    I’ve had four Fenix lights and this is by far the best. Battery duration is great. Brightness is controllable. Size is perfect!

  321. MARIO (verified owner)

    Light is extremely bright and very easy to use

  322. Christopher (verified owner)

    Love this light! I do car checks on cars with 2.5% tint and with this light I can see through at the right angle with ease. Perimeter checks, welfare checks, vehicle checks you name it this flashlight is bright enough for any situation. My coworkers are always asking to borrow my flashlight because they can not depend on there own.

  323. William Sisson (verified owner)

    My new UC35 V2 flashlight is very bright, easy to use, and rechargeable without removing the batteries. I’m very happy with it and the customer service from Fenix.

  324. Shaun (verified owner)

    Great light at a reasonable price! Super bright!

  325. Kelly Adams (verified owner)

    Does exactly what I wanted

  326. Kevin (verified owner)

    Great quality torch. Love that you can plug in directly to charge.

  327. Robert G. (verified owner)

    Superb quality. Compact and well thought out design. Highly recommended.

  328. Brent T. (verified owner)

    Great light ,battery life is good rugged, pocket clip is strong, carry it with me everywhere

  329. Mark (verified owner)

    Quality construction with waterproof charge port! Comes with high capacity 18650. Two reasons why it didn’t get 5 stars; Can’t stand on its tail and it’s very difficult to feel the side switch. All in all this is a very solid light…

  330. Jeff Gomez (verified owner)

    I purchased this flashlight for work and I use it everyday. After researching and reading reviews I made the purchase. It is everything I wanted and haven’t disappointed yet. Great quality on the build and brighter than what I expected.

  331. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Bright light. Enjoy the different settings

  332. andrew (verified owner)

    light works great and i use it primarily on “high” mode to walk my dog every night. with the occasional switch up to turbo if i think i see some sort of critter. i use it 20-30 minutes per night and charge it when the light starts showing solid red. this takes about 8 or so days to get to. i really like the turbo light output but the unit heats up quite a bit in your hand in that mode. also i feel that 1k lumens is overkill for walking the dog in the suburbs. all in all it is a fantastic light!

  333. Jeremy (verified owner)

    This flashlight is amazing! I have over a dozen small led flashlights and this is definitely my favorite one!

  334. Matt (verified owner)

    Nicely made. Great flexibility. 1000 lumen output is awesome.

  335. Justin H. (verified owner)

    I have been a long time user of maglite. the Quality of this Fenix surpasses anything from Mag. I love the recharge options, but will get an extra battery and charger soon just to have them on hand.

  336. Zachary (verified owner)

    I have been using this light for a few weeks now and can say this light is truly the best one I’ve ever owned. Its SUPER bright. I use it to light up c130 engines in the middle of the night and for inspecting the exterior and interior parts of aircraft in flight. It fits perfectly in the flashlight pocket on the A2CU flight suit. It hasn’t let me down and the battery life is great. Highly recommend it especially with the battery indicator and mode switch.

  337. Sean M. (verified owner)

    Great build quality. Super bright.

  338. Michael C. (verified owner)

    Excellent EDC light and fantastic customer service! Thanks Fenix

  339. Mike B. (verified owner)

    Great light. Very very bright! Easier to charge then the original. This is my second and I will get a third when the time comes!

  340. Justin D. (verified owner)

    One bright little light. The rechargeable option is awesome.

  341. Michael (verified owner)

    GREAT Light! The light is small & unobtrusive enough to carry everyday, yet has enough heft to it so you won’t forget you have it, nor will you be bothered by it. I LOVE the run time! I’ve had the light for about a month now & I use it countless times daily (mostly in either ECO or LOW modes) & have yet to charge the included battery after the initial charge. Also, I usually run it on medium for maybe 10 mins every night when I go to check the mail at my apartment complex. While that may not seem like a big deal, consider this: about 2 weeks ago a major storm knocked out power to my neighborhood for 6 hours. For most of those 6 hours I ran the light at LOW, but for about an hour & 20 mins it was on MED. Then I have to cycle through the brightness levels to return to the ECO or LOW setting before switching the light off so the light returns to that mode when I turn it back on. That happens at least 20 times per day. Yet to charge it; in fact, the Battery Level Indicator Light is still solid green. Solid & yet to flash even a single time. I’m more than impressed, I’m gonna buy another Fenix Light! This time the PD35, I think.

    There are two things that I dislike about the light. One is more of an annoyance, which is: the function button being the color that it is. When paired with the fact that there are similar indents all the way around the light at that spot makes finding the function button tedious to say the least. If it were a lighter color, like silver, or had a ring around it like the PD35, it would be much easier to locate.
    And Two: The tail switch button sits a bit to high & the boot seems like it will tear off after not too long. Probably the reason for including a spare rubber switch boot as a standard accessory, but only time will tell.

    The color temperature of the light takes some getting used to, but now that I am I don’t mind it. At first I really didn’t care for it, but I just had to adjust to it.
    The lanyard is great, nice & thick, and seems like it won’t be like practically every other lanyard (supplied w/ basically any product) & wear out after only a couple months with no stress put on it.

  342. Jaime P. (verified owner)

    Love this flashlight, use it every day for work and the different lighting modes and rechargeable feature are a huge bonus. Typically use the high and turbo modes but the 1 lumen option is extremely useful for low light instances where you don’t need more than that. Was a bit hesitant to buy at first but definitely don’t regret it all now, wish I had bought this sooner. Several coworkers have sparked interest in getting one for themselves for its small size but powerful output.

  343. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great Lights! Great Service! I’ve been a big fan of Fenix Lights ever since my brother purchased me their UC35 two years ago. Solid design, powerful light, easy recharge: I carry it almost everywhere. Would strongly recommend!

  344. Nicholas A. (verified owner)

    Love the light, beautiful beam and fantastic tech in the lights. I went with both the uc35 and the pd35 and love them both even though they are so similar. Very fast shipping as well and would purchase again.

  345. Michael (verified owner)

    GREAT Light! The light is small & unobtrusive enough to carry everyday, yet has enough heft to it so you won’t forget you have it, nor will you be bothered by it. I LOVE the run time! I’ve had the light for about a month now & I use it countless times daily (mostly in either ECO or LOW modes) & have yet to charge the included battery after the initial charge. Also, I usually run it on medium for maybe 10 mins every night when I go to check the mail at my apartment complex. While that may not seem like a big deal, consider this: about 2 weeks ago a major storm knocked out power to my neighborhood for 6 hours. For most of those 6 hours I ran the light at LOW, but for about an hour & 20 mins it was on MED. Then I have to cycle through the brightness levels to return to the ECO or LOW setting before switching the light off so the light returns to that mode when I turn it back on. That happens at least 20 times per day. Yet to charge it; in fact, the Battery Level Indicator Light is still solid green. Solid & yet to flash even a single time. I’m more than impressed, I’m gonna buy another Fenix Light! This time the PD35, I think.

    There are two things that I dislike about the light. One is more of an annoyance, which is: the function button being the color that it is. When paired with the fact that there are similar indents all the way around the light at that spot makes finding the function button tedious to say the least. If it were a lighter color, like silver, or had a ring around it like the PD35, it would be much easier to locate.
    And Two: The tail switch button sits a bit to high & the boot seems like it will tear off after not too long. Probably the reason for including a spare rubber switch boot as a standard accessory, but only time will tell.

    The color temperature of the light takes some getting used to, but now that I am I don’t mind it. At first I really didn’t care for it, but I just had to adjust to it.
    The lanyard is great, nice & thick, and seems like it won’t be like practically every other lanyard (supplied w/ basically any product) & wear out after only a couple months with no stress put on it.

  346. Ronnie (verified owner)

    works great lasts along time nice beam

  347. Mike Brown (verified owner)

    LOVE the light… it works great! …. I realize you guys make flashlights and not the pouches…but the pooches just do not hold up… to flimsy and the velcro wire out in just a few short weeks so I had to purchase another brand and style…. Thanks for asking!

  348. Mike P. (verified owner)

    It is my 2nd one, I perform real estate and home inspections and use it daily for hours on end. Got the 2nd one just to have a back up. Not an issue but if I had to chose I prefer the first version because the beam is just a little wider and that is better for what I am doing with it most of the time but if I didn’t have both versions I wouldn’t have known.

  349. Jon (verified owner)

    Great light

  350. stephen d. (verified owner)

    Product delivered as described.
    This is my 3rd fenix, love these lights.

    This particular has a tighter beam and throws further that pd35 tac (2017 version)

  351. Riley M. (verified owner)

    I’ve got a PD35, a PD35 TAC, and now the UC35, my new EDC light. The power is even greater, the ability to recharge in the car from a USB phone cable, and functionally of the previous PD35s make this my go-to light for inspecting the interiors of the digital presses that I service in my occupation. When the day ends, it lights up the nights (and the woods) when walking around the yard or my neighborhood. Yea, when I walk through the valley of the Shadow of Death, I will fear no evil, for I shall light up the valley with my UC35…it is most awesome.

  352. Jason (verified owner)

    This is an awesome flashlight. I love all the modes. It can be blinding bright to a nice low mode for everyday use. I would recommend for anyone looking for a great tactical light that also works as a great edc light

  353. Tom F. (verified owner)

    Wow! I have a PD 35 tac and this UC 35 blows it away!! I highly recommend this product!! Thank you Fenix once again for a awesome product!

  354. Ken L. (verified owner)

    Very compact, very bright and adjustable brightness.

  355. Jack (verified owner)

    Light works as advertised – would buy again

  356. Jim G. (verified owner)

    This is an outstanding light. I am a retired LEO, and I had the older version for the job, and post job. That one now stays in the truck. This newer model was purchased for the new job, for office and warehouse tasks. I’m supervising construction projects, and this light is a great upgrade to the old one. I also have to say that the older model might have had a slight voltage leak, because it seemed to deplete the charge over time. This model does not, it lasts a very long time on a charge. I also really like the charge status light in the mode button. USB charging convenience means you will always have a place to give it a quick charge, that is, if you could ever get this 3500 mAh battery to deplete! You can’t go wrong with Fenix, great quality. This one stays locked in my drawer when I’m not using it, because everyone has flashlight envy when they see it!

  357. Randy K. (verified owner)

    Handy little flashlight that packs a punch. Long lasting battery that is easily recharged. Great product!!!

  358. Scott D. (verified owner)

    Bought mine for use in corrections. Super bright! Love it and the ability to charge with USB. Only drawback is inability to adjust the beam.

  359. Dorin Ghergulescu (verified owner)

    This flashlight is perfect for nighttime fishing. I clearly see the bank from my fishing boat.I’m please with the purchase and this tiny but powerful flashlight did exceed my expectations. Thanks Fenix!

  360. Dakota B. (verified owner)

    So far so good. I work in a paper mill so I need different levels of brightness wether it’s to go in a basement or to work on a pump or to get someone’s attention without blinding them I can choose the perfect brightness. It’s wet and dirty in a paper mill so the water and dust proof light is a big plus. Also the holster makes easy access and not weigh your pockets down and the lanyard attached so I won’t drop it into the paper machine and tear something up. Best thing is it’s rechargeable so no more buying and swapping out battery’s all the time. I will never go with a different light than a Fenix.

  361. Adam Ellis (verified owner)

    I love the fact that I could change lumen outputs. I usually use the 150lumen brightness, but when the need arises for a brighter light, I can easily make it MUCH brighter.

  362. Kip (verified owner)

    I have the previous model and this simply a great improvement on something that was already very very good.

    Smaller, but with the same build quality and an easy to read indicator on the charge level. I use this on my travels as I have had power go out on more than one instance and having a quality light is important.

    My dad taught me the importance of spending a bit more to get quality rather than having to replace over and over. In this case in an emergency, want something that I know is going to be reliable.

  363. Paul H. (verified owner)

    Wow- Super bright

  364. Humberto (verified owner)

    Great flashlight, very bright. It took a little getting used to on using the bronze button on the top to switch between lighting modes and not the rubber button on the back.

  365. Mason (verified owner)

    Sturdy light. Great output. The UC35 fits comfortably in your pocket.

  366. Gary Carter (verified owner)

    Mode button fell out and flashlight was replaced right away. I only had it for one week. Other flashlights on-off buttons did not last hope this one does. I do work in the trades and this is in my pocket everyday. So far I would recommend this to other people.

  367. Jesse (verified owner)

    Great light except for the second button. When I pull it out of my pocket I can’t find the button. Their is no reference on the body as to where the button is. That being said the tail button is fantastic! It’s easy to operate as it sticks out enough for my thumb to push.

  368. Damion (verified owner)

    Very handy and durable.

  369. Paul (verified owner)

    best ever EDC

  370. Paul H. (verified owner)

    Best EDC Flashlight

  371. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love the flashlight. Very sturdily built, and extremely bright.

  372. Michael (verified owner)

    Perfect upgrade. Beam is tight and battery lasts quite a while. Look forward to getting another one if they offer it Cerakoted.

  373. Anonymous (verified owner)

    New edc just wish there was a shortcut to high

  374. Yuri T. (verified owner)

    Great flashlight

  375. John J. (verified owner)

    The UC35 V2.0 shipped and arrived very quickly after the purchase and has a look and feel of quality. The light worked as advertised right out of the box (after charging the battery, of course) and although I do not know how to measure the output (for comparison to the advertised specs) the beam is very sharp, bright and focused. I have not had the light long enough to attest to its durability. However, with Fenix’s reputation for customer service and ,support, I’m not going to be overly concerned.

  376. Junuen (verified owner)

    Great flashlight, long runtime and super bright. So far the best one I have in my collection

  377. Sam K. (verified owner)

    Excellent light for car, home or everyday carry. Great light throw for its size and the range of brightness meets all my needs.

  378. Elroy A (verified owner)

    No better flashlight for the money along with great customer service and tech support– Thanks!!

  379. Michael Roedel (verified owner)

    I think that this flashlight is great and good compact size

  380. Michael H. (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing!! Brightest light I have ever used. 2nd purchase, and won’t be my last.

  381. Dennis P. (verified owner)

    Great flashlight and almost any application. Never without it!

  382. Shannon Fullwood (verified owner)

    The flashlight exceeded my expectations, it is well constructed and very bright. I carry two of these when I’m on duty. Definitely would buy again.

  383. Dean (verified owner)

    60% reliable so far. It doesn’t always fire up when I press the on/off switch. I will rotate the crown and it lights up. Also, occasionally, the strobe works for only about 2 seconds then it shuts off until I once again rotate the crown. Not good.

  384. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Fabulous light. Small enough for my pocket when carrying CCW.. great addition. Got this one for my wife. Easy for her to use

  385. Joe P. (verified owner)

    Wow, what a light. Works perfect, lights up the night.

  386. Todd P. (verified owner)

    Very nice light. Well made and very powerful. Has several different light settings and also a strobe setting. Extremely bright on its highest setting and strobe setting. Very happy with the quality of this light. Would buy again.

  387. Vince (verified owner)

    Nice, bright, battery seems to last

  388. David C (verified owner)

    This is one of the best all around lights I’ve ever used to date – I work in LE and use it as my backup light – the 1,000 lumens is enough to use as a flood light & is excellent for building searches & room clearing. The mid-range lumens are excellent for vehicle/person searches. The 1 lumen is excellent for when I drop things in the car and have to find them on night-shift. In the off-time (I’m an avid outdoorsman) and this becomes a safety light on road trips and for anything outdoors related it can’t be beat. Again, the 1 lumen was a winning selling point for me because it is SOOO useful.

    Pros: Variable lumen outputs in well-thought-out increments.
    Pros: Durable & reasonably “waterproof” (so far I’ve never had issues with water failure)
    Pros: Huge fan of being able to use 123 batteries and the 18650s interchangeably

    Cons: For all the Fenix Lights that have the rubber tail-button, WHY can they not design it so the button does NOT extend beyond the guard so it can be stood on it’s tail.
    Con’s: Probably my biggest complaint, though I really like the side switch – it’s a bit small and when working in the dark (duh) it’s difficult to locate. I think an improvement would be either a larger, easier to find button, or a permanently illuminated side switch so changing the brightness would not be a challenge.

    All-around HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

  389. sean p. (verified owner)

    I have been using the original UC35 for a couple of years and absolutely love it! When I saw that V2.0 came out I jumped on it. The light is a bit more on the bright white side and is more of a focused beam compared to the original, but it still floods out very well. I’d recommend this light to anyone looking for something of quality and versatility. Love it and would buy again.

  390. Robert (verified owner)

    Very bright! Great price for all these desirable features. Anxious to find out how well the charge lasts.

  391. Josh (verified owner)

    I have had this light for about 1 month now and it has exceeded all of my expectations. With the choice of multiple light levels it is a light for every task. The best part is that I don’t need to order surefire batteries anymore.

  392. Alexander (verified owner)

    I put it on my helmet at work as a firefighter. It’s a great low profile light. It’s nice not feeling like I have a brick strapped to my head (weighing down my head tilting it to the side like I’m confused all the time) like most lights would. Very bright! Usually have to put it in the lowest mode so it doesn’t act like high beams in the fog when I encounter smoke. Be careful where you aim it! I once shined it in one my coworkers faces and he was blind for three whole days! I heard the light beam can actually reach Mars on a clear summer night.

  393. JAMES (verified owner)

    These are great flashlights. Super bright, and compact. My second one!

  394. Scott Brown (verified owner)

    So far, I love this little light! This Fenix UC35 V2.0 is my little handheld lightsaber against the darkness of the world. It is small and to easy to grasp, in case you need to quickly see what went bump in the night, or if you are taking Fido out for his nightly walk. It comes with a powerful lithium ion battery, which can be charged via a USB port near the crown of the light. There is a tailcap on/off switch, and a small round button, also near the crown, that makes changing between 4 different light settings, quick and easy. Don’t let this small light fool you, it has enough power to turn your immediate dark into daylight. It’s probably 4 to 5 times as powerful as other flaslights its size! The fit, finish, and quality craftsmanshp are all praiseworthy. I am happy with my new toy/tool, and I believe you will be too!

  395. Jason (verified owner)

    This thing is great! Excellent build quality and materials. Rediculous amount of light from such a small package. I also have the older UC40UE 900 lumen. This model is noticeably brighter and more convenient with the tail cap on/off switch. Highly reminded Fenix products to everyone I know. Absolute top notch flashlights, you won’t be disappointed.

  396. Daniel M. (verified owner)

    This is my every day carry, but I like it so much, I had to buy a second!

  397. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Nice light, convenient operation and throws a little or a lot of light depending on what I require.

  398. Joe M. (verified owner)

    very impressive light, much smaller that I imagined, perfect for everyday carry, and extremely bright. can’t believe it puts out so much light. also 5 brightness settings are perfect

  399. Tony

    Kickass light! I bring this thing everywhere with me, great job Fenix! Customer service also gets an A+.

  400. Joe Mayo

    Awesome Flashlight ! / a lot smaller that it appears, which is good. very small and lightweight, yet has a extremely bright light. and 5 level settings. I am a flashlight nut and have many , including other Fenix products. I would highly recommend this light

  401. Daleep

    Another great Fenix light! I own the LD01, PD32UE, PD35Tac, and now UC35. UC35 V2,0 is slick looking, easy to operate, and love the recharge ability. 5 stars all the way.

  402. Brian Miller

    Great improvements on a already great product. Love the XP-L HI LED from CREE. It does tend to white out some objects with the 1000 lumen level, but with the optics system it throws more light and gives me more visibility in most moments. The new battery indicator and side switch are nice improvements. My original UC35 is 3 years old and I’ve started to wear the side switch down. That is literally the only wear on this model that I’ve used everyday for 3 years. So now I have the new UC35 V2 with a metal side switch. Here is expecting 3 years and beyond. On a additional note

    The original UC35 was a great light, but it had one major flaw. When you charged the light you had to click the switch to activate charging. If you forgot to click the tail-switch after plugging in micro-usb then it would not begin to charge. Over the time I owned the original, I must have forgotten to do that a 100 times and was furious the next day when it wasn’t charged for work. THIS LIGHT FIXED THAT! Just plug the light in and it begins charging just like anything else I own that recharges. Thank you, thank you, thank you! It’s good to know that others had issues with this also and forced this improvement.

    Bottomline- If you owned the original, there is enough here to love that you should consider the upgrade and pass the original on to your favorite relative. They will love that you are providing them a high performance light and you will have an improved product that is still what your accustomed to using. If you have never owned this light, then what are you waiting for! Get it now.

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