Fenix Flashlight Holsters (ALP-MT)

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Practical, small holster for flashlights, knives, and multi-tools. Wide compatibility with adjustable lid. Secured by the strap with snap fastener or detachable bungee cord. Made from Cordura 700D Fabric; resistant to tears, scuffs and abrasions.

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WARNING. Be aware of counterfeit Fenix merchandise in the U.S. marketplace.


Specifications of the FLASHLIGHT HOLSTERS (ALP-MT)

Wide compatibility with Fenix flashlight models:

  • With Head downward:
    • TK Series:  TK09, TK15UE and TK16
  • With the head upward/downward
    • PD Series:  PD32, PD35, PD35TAC
    • LD Series:  LD12 and LD22
    • E Series:  E30R, E35UE
    • UC Series:  UC30, UC35

56 reviews for Fenix Flashlight Holsters (ALP-MT)

  1. Gregory H. (verified owner)

    This little holster tries to do everything for everybody.

    Kind of annoying when all I want is a stiff belt case for my expensive little flashlight. The one that comes with the light (LD30) is so flimsy, no matter which way you insert the light, the end light switch is activated when you sit and it flops all over with anything but the widest belt.

    This particular case is sturdy enough, but I had to cut off the snap loop so I could use the belt loop. (?) I don’t have any idea what the little stretchy lanyard is for. This case is actually way too big for my LD30 because they made it adjustable, but the end switch hasn’t turned on yet when I sit while it’s still in the holster.

    You’d think that with all the engineering they put into the $90 flashlights that would design a decent belt holster.

    If your light is bigger than my LD30 or you’re tired of your light coming on while in the stock holster, then buy this.

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