ARB-L18-3500U Built-in USB Rechargeable Battery

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ARB-L18-3500U is a high capacity 18650 Li-ion USB rechargeable battery with a built-in micro-USB charging port.  It also includes a protection circuit in the anode to help prevent short circuits, over charge/discharge and over heating. These USB rechargeable batteries can quickly be charged without the need for a separate charger.  This not only save you money from purchasing a charger, but also convenience of not having to carry around another device.  This will work in all of the current models that utilize a li-ion 18650 battery, including best sellers like the PD35 V2.0, PD35TAC, TK20R, TK75, TK15UE, and more. A micro-USB charging cord is NOT included. Click here to see other models that utilize 18650 batteries:

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  • Micro-USB charging port
  • 3500mAh high capacity
  • USB rechargeable batteries
  • Protection circuitry to prevent short circuits
  • Pressure vents to prevent explosions
  • 500 charge cycles
  • Voltage: 3.6V
  • Charging Current: Recommended 1A, maximum 2A
  • Charging Current USB Port: 0.8A
  • Weight: 1.8 ounces (50.2g)
  • Size: Length: 2.8″ (70mm) Diameter: 0.7″ (18.6mm)
  • Warranty Period: 12 month from date of purchase
  • Indicator light on battery is red while charging, blue when charged

185 reviews for ARB-L18-3500U Built-in USB Rechargeable Battery

  1. Thomas S. (verified owner)

    Great back up

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  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Not as stong as it should be

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  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Haven’t seen exactly how long it’ll last, yet, but certainly makes for a bright flashlight, and it’s handy to be rechargable.

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  4. Stephen L. (verified owner)

    Nice battery which I both two. One as a backup. Like that you can charge it using a micro usb cable, outside of the flashlight.

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  5. John B. (verified owner)

    Awesome. Needs to be $10.00 or less on price.

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  6. Ronald Holland (verified owner)

    No real experience with this battery yet. Good charge, although I’ll probably use the charger stand for faster times.

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  7. Daniel Herndon (verified owner)

    The battery supplied steady power through the operating life of a full charge.

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  8. Rande P. (verified owner)

    Batteries last longer on lower powers , easy to charge

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  9. Dan B. (verified owner)

    These are great batteries. The run times in both the HP25R and HL60R are outstanding. Having the ability to recharge outside of the lamps allows me to top off multiple batteries at one time without a dedicated charger. The only issue I have had with these is one burned out when I accidentally plugged it into my cell phones quick charger. These batteries are pretty long, but will also work with some of the Zebra lights as well.

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  10. P. David Myerowitz (verified owner)

    Seem to work so far.

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  11. Gloria

    Bought the PD35 tactical flashlight and the battery charger. I had a PD35 with the 3400 battery already. To my surprise the tactical came with a 3500 battery. I swapped batteries, put the 3500 battery in my PD35 and vis-versa both lights now have the same top brightness. So if you already have the PD35 with a 3400 battery… upgrade the battery, it will blow you away

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