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Are you buying gifts for someone who defines himself or herself as adventurous, wild, survivalist? These hardcore, adrenaline junkies (or sometimes wannabes) love their outdoor gear, and we’ve compiled a list of high performing, very functional lights that they will be excited to receive. Go ahead. Make their day!

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  • Fenix HM65R Headlamp

    Fenix HM65R Rechargeable Headlamp

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  • Fenix LR35R flashlight

    Fenix LR35R Rechargeable Flashlight – 10000 Lumens

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  • Fenix HT18 Flashlight

    Fenix HT18 Long-Distance Hunting Flashlight

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  • Fenix HM61R Headlamp

    Fenix HM61R Multi-Use Headlamp

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  • fenix bc30r bike light upgrade

    Fenix BC30R USB Rechargeable Bike Light

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