PD40R V2.0

Recently received and reviewed a couple of smaller, less powerful lights so I was ready to get a big boy here with some lumens and potentially anger the neighbor for my photo op at the end.

A quick note, I gave the neighbor kid across the street a PD32 the other night for graduation and how does he test it out? By aiming it at MY house!! hahahaha He sent me a photo of my house all lit up. At least I was in bed and didn’t think a train was coming down my driveway!

So I try and buy the latest and greatest as well as the brightest to test out and review. The PD40 and the rotary switch were intriguing to me and the 3000 lumens on Turbo sealed the deal.

Ordered and it arrived in just a few business days and plugged the battery in by itself even though this light has the built in charging port so the battery can remain in. I wanted to check out the feel of the light and the rotary switch and do the usual install of the lanyard with my “readers” and a letter opener. This is followed by me putting everything else back into the box and putting it on the shelf with the other boxes containing holsters, cables, and O rings.

The light has a great solid feel especially with the big 21700 battery inside. These batteries are some serious powerhouses. They take a bit to charge but wow do they have some crazy life.

Darkness falls and I take the 40 out to play around with it in my back yard, as I do with all of my lights. I like the rotary switch and found it very easy to use. The 3000 lumens in Turbo is also pretty impressive with a nearly 3 hour runtime. I did find that after fooling around with it for a bit in Turbo it did get rather warm but by back it down a notch to High, or 1000 lumens, that dissipates pretty quickly.

While I do like this rotary switch and the light overall I do think the switch itself could be tweaked a bit to make it even better. One way to make it better would be to make the turning of the switch have more resistance. It moves rather easily but not so easily that you’d bump it into another mode. It’s a personal preference thing.

The other improvement in my opinion would be to have the switch cycle to the left once or even twice to activate Strobe. I personally have no use for strobes but they can be useful with traffic wands, etc. The strobe setting on the rotary is the final click to the right so you start out OFF then go LOW, MED, HIGH, TURBO, STROBE. Again not a big deal. Personal preference. If I had it my way all of my lights would only have Turbo!

Neither of these things negatively impact my view of the light. They are just simple things I think that Fenix could do to make a great light even better!

This light is a bit too thick to carry inside of a pant pocket in my opinion but does have a nice sturdy clip for a belt or vest carrier. It would be a great light for a law enforcement especially if Fenix has some traffic cones in the works for it. Even if you didn’t want to carry this on your person it would be great to attach to your duty bag or keep in your cruiser as a secondary light.

In my photo I had to shoot at the neighbor’s house to the one side because my normal “toward my pond and dock” photo didn’t really show you the power of this light in Turbo. Their house is probably about 4x further away than my normal pond photo. Great and bright beam that isn’t too tight yet not too wide! Imagine what this would do in a dark alley or searching a building or basement!

Great light! Highly recommend! Don’t let the lack of the tailswitch keep you from buying this if you are interested in it. I LOVE the tailswitch lights but also really like this one!

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