PD36R is a beast!

I ordered this light shortly after it came out and have been using it since and have yet to recharge the battery after a few weeks.

As per the norm shipping was very quick and secure and upon it’s arrival I quickly plugged it in for a charge. The initial charge seemed to take a while longer than most which wasn’t a big deal and more of just an observation.  I attributed it to the new 21700 battery, which is something by the way.  The body of the PD36R is very similar in size to a PD35 but could probably be called the 35’s “husky big brother”. It’s a little thicker, again due to the battery, but very comfortable in hand and very easy to use out in the dark without having to fumble around.

I especially like how Fenix has added the battery indicator within the selector switch to these new models upon powering them on. The 36 also has a nice pocket clip, which I personally prefer, with the ability to clip it on a hat or something else as well.

As far as using the light it is incredibly bright and comfortable to carry and clip in a front pants pocket, my preferred method of carry. It would also clip and unclip nicely to a vest carrier and would make a great light for anyone involved in law enforcement in any capacity. The battery life on this light is ridiculous and I’d bet most “night shifters” would only need to charge it once every few weeks or so with regular nightly use.

Outside of law enforcement work it would also be a great light for our firefighter friends for fire scenes and just about anyone that would have a use for a reliable rechargeable ridiculously bright light with a very lengthy run time. If you have a father, a brother, or a mother that needs a light to have handy look no further than this. One note, which I ran into with my Canadian friend, is to make sure and buy the $5 wall adapter if the person you are buying this for does not have a computer or USB charging capabilities. Great tool. Great gift. Fenix outdid themselves with this one! I highly recommend it.

Charging the light is simple. No need to remove the battery or do anything other than lift the rubber cover on the exterior of the light and plug it in.

As I do with any new light I anxiously wait for night to come and to put it on its brightest setting and take it out back at my house and blast the woods and neighbor’s house. This thing did not disappoint. In the attached photo what you will see is the PD36R in Turbo mode from my back door to the woods on a clear cool night. The distance is approximately 175 feet.

I intentionally left the light on Turbo for several minutes to see how hot the light would get. I was really surprised that it never got to what I would call hot or even uncomfortable to the touch or squeeze.

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