PD36R, Daylight on Demand

I Have been using my PD36R flashlight for several months now, and it has become one of my most complemented daily carry items. Sharp knives are nice, multi tools are handy, but carrying around a flashlight that is so bright its almost painful to use in close quarters (on the brightest setting) is quite the statement. Out side of the lights output and battery life (I’ve never had it die, before I recharged it) I am pleased with the overall design, I’d go so far to say that the light has feng shui. USB-C charging is amazingly fast, and overall the light is insanely compact for its output.

My only complaints are about the pocket clip and the charging port cover. because the pocket clip has an additional bend in it to allow you to carry the light lens facing up, the clip isn’t flush with your pants pocket and catches on doors, coats and even vehicle seat belts. I am planning on cutting the section of metal after the second bend off to make the clip less annoying. The dust cover for the charging point seems under built, and other than the pocket clip, I believe it to be the only other failure point on the light. Overall, I recommend this light to all of my friends and am extremely pleased that I pulled the trigger.

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