PD32 900 Lumens

Placed an order for this light along with just a 2600 battery to use with it. I bought this setup along with the new AA light to give both away to a family member and a friend, the PD32 to a friend.

I could just about copy and paste my first paragraph from all of my reviews stating how fast Fenix gets their items to me in Ohio, usually about 3 business days after the order!

The PD32 arrived and I plugged the battery in to get it charged up and ready to roll and use for a few nights to test and get a feel for. The light comes with a spare O ring, a lanyard (which I prefer), a spare tail cap button, and a holster if you wish to put it on a belt or something. The light does not come with a charging cable for the battery because it does not come with a battery. Not a big deal if you have a growing collection of lights like me. I did need to get into my box of stuff and find a cable to put in with the light before giving it away because I know that the recipient does not own a Fenix light. I am going to be his downfall by giving him one.

So I checked out the body of the light while the battery was charging. Nice feel to it and just a smidge shorter than it’s big brother the PD35 but holds the 18650 batteries, which I prefer, and still hits 900 lumens in Turbo for close to 2 hours while a PD35tac has 1000 lumens for just over an hour.

I wanted to be sure to get a light with a tailswitch and a a nice clip so the recipient can use it when he’s at work or wrenching on his old car and doesn’t have to worry about it falling out of his pocket.

So, great feel, great buttons, and a nice handy clip and overall pretty much just a PD35, which is a great light too.

I take it out after dark and start fooling around with it and use it for a few nights. Great BRIGHT light and such a great value for the money. At full price of just under $73 this is quite a light and quite a value.

If you read my reviews I am pretty much TURBO MODE MAN. I judge lights by that mode and how long they last and how bright they are. This one has a great Turbo which you can see in my photo. The other 4 modes are nice too if you aren’t like me or need to use it inside the house for something. The stainless side switch is easy to find even in the dark and the tail switch on this is recessed a bit so you don’t accidentally turn it on. I actually like that little feature.

This is a great light and after looking at the PD35 chart I have realized that this one is a really good bargain too. Almost the same performance and size for a lesser price. I’m not sure how I have overlooked this light for over 3 years. Has a great in hand feel and great performance. Grab one for yourself if you’re grabbing one for a gift!

I will have to reply to this at a later date or perhaps the new owner will post on the “Fenix Lighting USA Discussion Group” on Facebook!. If you aren’t a member there, you should join and check it out.

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