PD25 has quickly become my favorite go to light!

I ordered the PD25 about a month ago and fully intended on giving it a thorough workout and testing followed by a review and ultimately giving it as a gift to our guide in Quebec.

It arrived quickly and as I do with each light from Fenix I feverishly open the boxes and get the battery charging as fast as I humanly can so I can get the light out and test it out as soon as I can.

Well this one arrived and I removed the battery and got it charging and put the body back together. It was pretty much at that point that I decided that this light would be going to Quebec but would also be returning to the US with me! I loved the size and feel of it, which I’d describe as half of a PD35. I ended up buying our friend an LD30 (see my review).

The tail switch is great on this small of a light. I know I’ve mentioned it before but I prefer the switch to be there. The side switch to select the brightness levels is a little smaller and smoother than I’d like. I wouldn’t say it’s hard to find the switch when you’re using the light but it could be made a little easier. Again, this is minor. The clip is perfect for pants pocket or even your shirt pocket due to the size of the light. I suppose if you removed the clip and flipped it you could clip the light to a cap and use it.

This compact light would be great for any police officer to carry as a spare and have it clipped to their vest carrier. The reason I say spare is mainly because of the smaller battery, so buy a PD35 series for your main light and this for your spare.

Charging the included battery was quick. I really had no interest in these USB batteries until finally charging one recently and seeing the end glow red while charging and then blue when done. A VERY nice touch!

Performance of this light on this smaller battery is pretty incredible. I’m not one that uses the lower modes unless I’m inside so it’s usually Turbo or nothing for me. On Turbo this light casts a nice wide and bright path a nice distance. I use a photo taken in my backyard in my reviews so that if you read my reviews you can get an idea of what each light is doing. My yard is the “constant”.

The PD25 is a great light for people at work, whether you’re a police officer or a mechanic. It’s small but powerful and can be clipped on your clothing without being cumbersome. It would be a great light for everyone’s kitchen junk drawer (I assume everyone has one of those) as well as the console of your car or especially in your kids’ cars if you have a kit made up with jumper cables and whatnot.

For $54.95 you get everything you need and $43.96 if you use the %20 coupon! This is a great compact powerful light and I’m not giving mine up to anyone! I may however, pick up one or two for gifts for Christmas this year. This would make a perfect useful gift!

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