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Ambassador Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions for Fenix Lighting USA Brand Ambassador

Congratulations on being selected as Fenix Lighting USA Brand Ambassador! Ambassadors must agree to all Terms and Conditions to move forward in Fenix Lighting USA Brand Ambassador network. We are excited for you to join our Ambassador team.

  1. Ambassador shall grant Fenix Lighting USA the rights to use name and likeness, as well as promises to promote and recommend Fenix Lighting USA products to the public. Fenix Lighting USA also holds ownership and the right to use any photographs, video, articles and/or material created or used throughout the Agreement Term and up to six (6) months after Ambassador termination date. Ambassador agrees to promote Fenix Lighting USA in a truthful, sincere, honest and positive manner while using Fenix products or wearing Fenix attire, as well as demonstrate positive support on social media outlets including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Ambassadors will conduct themselves in a manner that reflects the highest standards of integrity and responsibility in keeping with the reputation of Fenix Lighting USA.

    1. The Ambassador understands that there are multiple entities of Fenix companies (retailers), but Ambassadors recognize that Fenix Lighting USA is the official distributor of Fenix products in America. Other Fenix companies are separate from Fenix Lighting USA. When Ambassadors promote and recommend Fenix products, Ambassadors promise to only promote Fenix Lighting USA to the public and ensures that the public understands the distinction between the other Fenix companies.
    2. Brand Ambassadors must follow Fenix Lighting USA on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube and will participate in social media contests, campaigns, etc. Ambassadors will also proactively include positive opinions about Fenix Lighting USA products in online postings about their personal experience. Ambassador is not required to create a social media account for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube if stated in application that Ambassador does not own personal social media accounts for professional or personal reasons.
    3. Ambassador will not promote products that are direct competitors of Fenix Lighting USA
  2. Ambassador will have access to Fenix Lighting USA Ambassador Portal where he/she will create their personal page. Ambassador will upload photos, videos, articles and other material on their personal page, Fenix Lighting will be notified and will edit and use material as they see fit.
  3. Ambassador will receive a discount code for personal purchases and is prohibited from sharing such code with anyone, including family members. Sharing of the Ambassador discount codes will result in immediate removal as an Ambassador. Ambassador is permitted to give out the Family and Friends discount code for 30% off.
  4. Ambassador will submit correct identity information including that they are 18 or older and mailing address for product delivery.
  5. Ambassador can contact our Ambassador support email with questions about the program rules at ambassador@fenixlighting.com
  6. If Ambassador does not comply with Terms and Conditions or does not continue to promote and represent Fenix Lighting USA in a positive manner, Ambassador will be removed from the Ambassador network at Fenix Lighting USA’s discretion.
  7. Fenix Lighting USA Brand Ambassador network does not render the Ambassador an employee, partner, agent of, or joint venture with Fenix Lighting USA for any purpose. The Ambassador is and will remain a sole independent individual in its relationship.
  8. Ambassador releases, indemnifies and holds harmless, Fenix Lighting USA, its agents, employees, assigns, successors, insurers or any related entity, from each, every and all claims both in law and equity and all expenses, debts, covenants, liabilities, or responsibilities in any way relating to or arising from such claims, which Ambassador had or now has against Fenix Lighting USA, whether known or unknown, and whether foreseen or unforeseen, arising from, or in any way connected directly or indirectly with, or otherwise related to, these Terms and Conditions, or any occurrence related to the performance of Ambassador’s duties hereunder.
  9. Ambassador understands that information and materials provided by Fenix Lighting USA may contain confidential information. Ambassador will not use, disclose or reproduce these materials and information.
  10. Fenix Lighting USA reserves the right to update the current Terms and Conditions at any time. Fenix Lighting USA is responsible for notifying Ambassador of any changes made to Terms and Conditions. Ambassador cannot alter Terms and Conditions.
  11. Fenix Lighting USA holds the right to terminate the Ambassador at any time for any reason, upon written/electronic notice, effective immediately.
    1. Ambassador may terminate this relationship at any time upon written/electronic notice, effective immediately.
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