When the Next Natural Disaster Hits, Will You be Prepared?

Hurricanes in the south and east. Earthquakes and fires in the west. And now winter storms in the east. These past few months have been littered with natural disasters. Who knows what’s next. And more importantly, are you prepared?


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If you live in an area prone to blizzards, tornados, hurricanes or other natural disasters, you’ve probably learned what to do when chaos strikes. But do you know what to pack? Do you know what equipment, gear or essentials to have on-hand in case of extended power outages or in need of an evacuation?

According to the Red Cross, your emergency preparedness kit should include items like water, non-perishable food, blankets, cash and much more* including flashlights and extra batteries.

A flashlight is definitely an essential to have handy in case of emergencies. And don’t forget backup batteries! Click the image for more bundle options from Fenix.

Emergency situations often mean no electricity. And if they happen at night or last into the night, your difficult and dangerous situation becomes even more severe without quality, reliable lighting. You’ll need a strong, durable flashlight for:

  • Searching for others
  • Lighting a dark building or home in a power outage
  • Signaling your location to others
  • Lighting a pathway during a nighttime evacuation
  • Finding objects for survival like food or tools
  • Easing tension and fear, especially when helping or protecting children and pets in a disaster situation
  • Much more

Fortunately, we’re often alerted of an oncoming natural disaster a few hours or even a day prior. However, we can’t always plan ahead or predict disaster, so an emergency power outage or evacuation kit is essential in any home, office or facility at all times. We recommend packing a lighting kit with a headlamp or two; a compact but bright lantern; a heavy-duty, durable and waterproof flashlight; and batteries in an easy-to-find carrying case.

The Fenix Gear Case in orange is a great option since it’s so easy to find!

Or to make matters easier, purchase one of our pre-packed emergency kits, available in two levels. Fenix’s Level 1 Lighting Emergency Kit includes a multi-functional LED flashlight, headlamp, lantern and backup batteries to provide you more than 900 hours of continuous illumination and 10 years storage before needing to update batteries.

The Level 2 Emergency Lighting Kit provides the tools needed for more long-term power outages or natural disaster.

The Level 2 Lighting Emergency Kit contains a multi-functional LED flashlight, headlamp, lantern and backup batteries to provide you more than 1300 hours of continuous illumination and 10 years storage before needing to update batteries.

Quality lighting can make all the difference when it comes to your safety and comfort in emergency situations. Just ask Trey K who used the TK47UE for rescues during Hurricane Harvey or Marc T who relied on the Fenix LD41 and the TK75 during the 41-day power outage after Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

Marc T uses the TK75 to inspect his disheveled property after Hurricane Maria

Not only does having multiple light sources help in different situations–i.e. situations where your hands are not available (headlamp) vs situations where you’re just waiting out a storm without electricity (lantern)–but it’s nice to have multiple lights when there’s more than one person.

Most Fenix lights include the following key attributes for withstanding power outages and hard elements:

  • Water Resistance
  • Long Battery Life
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • Enough lumens to get you through the disaster, help you find something or someone and help you gain attention if seeking rescue

Image courtesy of Ambassador Trey K. using the Fenix TK47UE against Hurricane Harvey

To go along with your emergency lighting, make sure you have backup batteries and even a battery charger in case you’re able to find a power source.

*We highly recommend checking out the Red Cross’s complete list of items to include in your emergency preparedness kit.

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