Although I’ve only had the HM50R for less than a year, I’ve put some serious miles on this light. And I have my final thoughts on it: It’s a serious win!

Lightweight, compact, versatile, and bright! It’s held up despite the worst that I can throw at it. From Negative temps to dropping it down a rocky crag, the light keeps coming back for more.

The bonus is the ability to use the included 18350 rechargeable battery OR use a primary CR123 Lithium, the latter being a solid cold weather choice.

As with all headlamps I’d love for it to have a red-light function. But aside from that, it does exactly what it’s designed to do, and man, it does it well!

I have sent several others to Fenix Lighting to get this light, and there’s a reason for that! Buy it, try it, you’ll love this little gem of a light!


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