With no electricity or power for over a month, since the Category 5 Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico, Fenix customer Marc T really had the chance to put Fenix flashlights to the test. We appreciate Marc reaching out to update us on his status and how the LD41 and TK75 have helped him through the disaster.

“Fenix Flashlights have been my trusty night companions during this emergency:

The LD41 for general indoor and outdoor use. I really like the mix of the throw and spill on my LD41 and the fact that it uses AA batteries.

The TK75 for outdoor and security sweeps. We have a total blackout so every now and then I like to do security checks of the surroundings with the TK75 in turbo mode. The TK75 has also been a great light for the ‘ceiling bounce’ to use for cooking or any activity that requires more illumination. The thing I like best about the TK75 is the 4000 lumens and long range.

I loaned my other flashlights out. I felt more secure with just the Fenix lights. They are quality build, and I knew they would survive Hurricane Maria and the aftermath. After 41 days without power I am glad I had these lights with me.

Thank you, Fenix, for making such a great product you can trust in this situation.”

We are happy to report that Marc and his family are safe and doing OK. The island is currently still only has about 30% power. We wish for the best for Puerto Rico and a steady recovery!

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