LD02 V2.0 Small with Added Plus of UV

Ordered and received this light quickly as it had just come out. I was surprised how small the LD02 V2.0 is in hand which translates to it being a good one for shirt pockets and such.

I have used it here and there now for a few weeks and have a couple of thoughts. I was used to the switch on the LD02 and found the switch on this light to be initially a bit harder for me to use as it doesn’t require much pressure. Since I have been using it I have gotten used to that and it is not an issue.

This is not a light that is going to light up your back yard but it is more suited to something small you can stick in your pant pocket, shirt pocket, or clip onto your vest carrier that you can use when you need a small light.

The UV can come in handy and because of that I would suspect that this sells well to First Responders and even business owners to keep in cash registers.

As with all Fenix lights this one does not disappoint.

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