I bought a Fenix LD02 as a gift a while back for a friend. He told me some time after that about how he would use it every morning to take his dog out. He couldn’t believe the punch that it packed for a AAA run light with 3 modes.

I ended up buying one to have around my house as I seem to never have enough Fenix lights and can always come up with a reason to add something new.

I too use it at times to take my dog out. The photo is from one such incident with the light on the brightest mode.

I have also used it at work to check on sleeping inmates on the lowest mode and it is perfect for that…..bright enough to see but not too bright to disturb.

Great tiny light with a handy clip. The one huge plus, that I would prefer on all of my lights, is the mode button on the endcap.

One suggestion I will relay as was relayed to me was to refrain from Duracell batteries in these. Every time I would use one it would leak and end up stuck. One finally killed the light which Fenix happily and quickly replaced.

Moral of this story is: Go ahead and buy yourself an LD02 as well if you’re buying one as a gift!


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